Blow the Trumpets!

*Ahem… is this mike working? Yes? Okay.*

Hello everyone! (x)clusive is welcoming its newest member today (well actually it was supposed to be yesterday), summerseas! Yes, that’s me. As this site’s newest member, I have been tasked with first introducing myself to you loyal fans out there.

Okay, here goes. I’m 19 this year, currently studying in one of Singapore’s (best?) polytechnics. My first encounter with the Korean media scene was with the drama Goong. Being a complete newbie and severe critic of dramas at that time, I was totally skeptical about watching. Of course, the constant ‘Goong conversations’ my friends held during recess left me feeling left out and clueless. Oh what the heck, let’s just watch it, I said to myself.

And there was no turning back.

That’s my humble story of the beginnings of my love for the Korean media scene. Of course, that’s now expanded to include K-pop and the like. Now that I’ve joined (x)clusive, I hope to be a active & contributing member; bringing the best and the fastest news about anything Korean in Singapore.

But for the time being, I’ll still undergo training. Look forward to more interesting and exciting news right here!

*Steps off stage and trips, oops!*


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