Daylight Sun, Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s got me mad proud of her for singing so well in her musical “Midnight Sun” that I’m going to dedicate a post to her. While reading you may want to listen to this: Taeyeon’s Goodbye Days.

Taeyeon, 21 (I’ntl age), leader of 9-girl Korean girl group Girls’ Generation or SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae) in short. Standing at 158cm (truthfully?), this girl is not short on talent. She earned first place at SM Academy’s Best Teen Singer Competition with her strong vocals in 2004, which gave her a chance to join SM Entertainment as a trainee, to debut a few years’ later.

Taengoo, Dandyu (with Sunny), Taedork, Byuntaeng – some of her nicknames which came from her crazy yet cute fetishes, but none that’s totally negative. Taeyeon could have cuddled girls from other groups, but it just shows her friendliness and non-rival attitude in this competitive industry.

There was once she got into trouble for complaining on air, about the doctors of the clinic all leaving for lunch when she and other patients waited for consultation – truthfully to any normal person it would be complaining, swearing.. And well she did not swear~

You know Milk Club? Executive members include Taeyeon, Yoona, Onew and Yoochun, founded by Eeteuk. Aka the ‘depressed’ club. Each of them have important roles in their own groups – Leader Teuk and Leader Onew, and here’s Leader Taeyeon, who takes care of the other 8 girls.

It must have been tough on her to take care of everyone’s wherebouts and sometimes take responsibility of their actions, be it good or bad. She checks on all the girls, spamming them with messages on their mobiles. Whenever there’s something SNSD has to address, she stands out and addresses it. She seems happy always and puts up a strong front at bad situations, swallowing the tears as hard as could. She may have stepped down as leader, but she is still as concerned for the girls.

Taeyeon is not my favourite member out of SNSD so I do not frequently check up on her news or facts, but from everything, the start before debut until now, I believe we can tell she has done a great job as a singer, a DJ, a leader, and not to forget, a daughter – her parents are so proud of her that they decorated the whole optical shop they run with her photos, posters and more.

– Photo from SONEms

Every artist out there puts in their effort to bring the best to fans and everyone else.. They are normal people like us, just with the extra talent and determination. They are bound to have failures, bound to have moments when they’re down like we all do.

I hope all the artists continue to work hard for the sake of their love for music, so we can love music more because of them.

Quoting Taeyeon from a recent interview with Naver:

“The reason why SNSD is so lively despite the busy schedules of performance and album preparation is because we are constantly listening to music. We receive new energy from music and are recharged by it.”

Thank you Taeyeon for giving me energy today! ^^

One thought on “Daylight Sun, Taeyeon

  • June 14, 2010 at 8:50 PM

    She’s just adorable and multitalented!
    I don’t know why some people hate her…
    Anyway, thanks for sharing Good-bye Days Taeyeon version
    I’m a fan of YUI, happy to hear Taengoo sings one of her songs =)
    Go Taengoo GO!


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