[Twitter/me2day] 100521 Dream Concert Rehearsal (U-Kiss members, Onew)

U-Kiss’s twitter

Kevin: Tomorrow is the Dream Concert! Yahoo~! 내일 드림 콘서트~! ㅎㅎ 화이팅 유키스! ^^
Tomorrow’s Dream Concert~! Haha fighting U-Kiss!^^

Dongho (3 AM) 지금연습끝나서 집에가구있어요ㅎ 다들잘자요오오ㅎ
The rehearsal has now ended and we’re going homeㅎGood night everyone ohㅎ

Alexander (2 AM)

  • Gotta go back to practise.. Sorry that couldn’t tweet much wit y’all recently.. 🙁 Too busy preparing for many things.. Anyway! Take care!^^
  • Yea~ Tired but enjoying~ cuz it’s our FIRST concert! Gotta make it perfect~ ^^ Thanks everyone! Will try our best for tomorrow’s show!
  • Still practising for concert… very sleepy!! =v=! Dream Concert tomorrow! Hope everyone will enjoy it~ Our moms are all going~ LOL!

(RANDOM – Xander was chatting with Younha. Younha just came back 2 Korea so she mistook Dream Con for today haha! But Xander corrected her and was amused she was still online. He told her he likes her song “말도 안돼” and he saw Gyuri at Dream Con lol! Then Younha said she talked to Dongho just a while ago. Then Xander suggested to eat together sometime.)

Onew’s me2day

  • (8 hours ago) ㅋㅋ 다시 그럼 {야행성}녹화 열심히 하고 올게용ㅎㅎ…!
    Keke filming {Night Star} again, working hard haha…!
  • (9 hours ago) 드림콘썰 리허설 끝나고 야행성으로 가요~ 오늘 번개도 모두 다함께~아자자 코리아!
    After Dream Concert rehearsal ends I’m going to film Night Star~  Together everyone~ Ajaja Korea!

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