Songs of the Week #3 (100415 – 100421)

Mehh.. I refuse to let this blog become a Tweet translation blog! It’s been a long long while since I posted Song of the Week, and I think i want to recommend a few more songs every week instead. Since there are so many awesome new releases!

First up! HYORI!

Her highly anticipated album H-Logic was released yesterday on the 14th of April, and you should have heard her awesome comeback title track – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! In this album, you can tell Hyori’s English improved. Firstly, all the songs are written by her (plus plus points!) and her pronunciation isn’t as awkward as the terribly pronounced Mazeek (Magic) Gosship Girl.. you know.

You can tell that a lot of effort is put in in every track, because every track sounds like a title song! From “I’m Back“, a catchy tune, you know what I’m saying~ Dance track “Want Me Back“, the haunting “Swing” as you’ve watched the MV, the sweetness overdose “Scandal” – “Candy~ Candle~“.

BUT I’m not going to recommend all these, instead I’ll recommend her DUET songs.

In this album, she has 6 songs featuring artists, and 2 duet/collab songs.
2 duet/collab songs:

Track 5 – Bring It Back (feat After School’s Bekah and 4minute’s Jiyoon)

Hearing that both awesome rappers in the K-scene are collabing on this song, expect awesome rapping. Even Hyori herself rapped and she did pretty well. This song has a Shakira song feel, and I seriously love the rapping. It would be a pretty great stage to watch! (It would be pretty awesome if Miryo did this rap though, it’s very her style, with all the English inside. Thank goodness for Bekah’s awesome English. Jiyoon didn’t do bad though.)

Track 11 – How Did We Get (feat Big Bang’s Daesung)

Truthfully I was put off by the starting, the “Oh oh oh~”, it was.. just.. -_-
But it started getting better at the pre-chrous. And THEN. once Daesung started blending in with Hyori’s voice… woah.
Seriously their voices blend in sooooo well I totally smiled listening to them. Daesung.. What a seasoned voice, sooo smooth and NICE XD *falls in love* (Maybe that’s why so many girls chose him as their ideal guy, it’s the voice! hahaha not the face)


I don’t know if you’ll know this group? The new group that just released their single yesterday too?
This 3-boy group called 2NISE, which appeared out of nowhere.. Haha. I like their debut title track, feat Jewelry’s Baby J ;D I’m such a fangirl of good songs.. I just went to register at their Korean fancafe HAHA! It’s like a pathetic number of 6 members including me now, but I got a feeling it’ll increase pretty fast – once their photos are out. I don’t even KNOW how they look like, but I think I’ll love their songs.

Oh yeah, the song. It’s called 왜이래 or She/He Said (FYI, translation for 왜이래 is Why, or Why like that?). I love the rap parts (I DO have a fetish for rap ^^) The song is a well-rounded one, with a bit of auto-tune.. and catchy tune – “왜이래!” It has a good beat, yet something different from the usual catchy songs. I’m not sure how to describe. I prefer Nasun’s version but both He and She Said are pretty good.

Even the allkpop writer said their English was pretty awesome.


Lastly! This is surprising, but these days OST songs are running high.
I thought 4minute‘s 사랑 만들기 for Personal Taste OST was pretty sweet. Differing highly from their noisy electronica songs like Muzik and Hot Issue, this is a fresh listen to what the girls can actually sound like, singing so well! If I didn’t know this was by 4minute, I wouldn’t have recognized it, other than Hyunah’s voice.

So.. go have a listen! And let me how What Song Are You Listening To Right Now? 😀

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