SHINee Jonghyun birthday event translations!

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Chinese translation: 源子+bobohero+bolero+shower
English translation: babyblue-@soompi

Part 1

100407 JongHyun’s birthday party fanaccount ( Dialogue, hand hit…touched JongHyun’s oppa’s XXX )

Got number 16, entered the venue at around 7:40, SHINee then came out.
( Only MinHo, TaeMin & JinKi came out! )
JinKi: What date is 8th April?
Fans: JongHyun’s birthday!
JinKi: It’s not, it’s my musical debut, do you regret? Then…Let’s do something?
Fans: You three go play
JinKi: We three go play? Ah…
TaeMin: Happily dancing~Firstly, because today is JongHyun Hyung’s birthday, we have deliberately called him last. So we three come out first. Now, let’s invite out JongHyun hyung~JongHyun hyung, please come out~
(comes out)
Fans: Ah!
JongHyun: Without an MC(?) still advancing smoothly!
JinKi: Have not done anything yet. Alright, let’s start!
( JongHyun walks to the middle )
Fans: So handsome!
MinHo: So handsome, totally shining!
JongHyun: Handsome?
( MinHo secretly sees script )
MinHo: There’s nothing written here!
JongHyun: It’s written!! I’m going to begin already, after SHINee goes on stage, opening is Ment (P.S. I don’t know what Ment is, it’s written in the Chinese translation)
JinKi: Hasn’t the opening Ment been done before?
JongHyun: Ah? Done before?

MinHo: Isn’t the opening Ment not done yet?
Fans: Ah…
JongHyun: Don’t be like this!
JinKi: They are originally this kind of people.
MinHo: It’s JongHyun hyung birthday! It’s JongHyun hyung’s birthday…Ah, it’s actually tomorrow! Tomorrow is his birthday, to celebrate JongHyun hyung’s birthday, gathered together with everyone…(silence)
TaeMin: Opening Ment!
MinHo: Opening Ment~
TaeMin: It’s going to start now!
MinHo: Start filming~It’s going to start! The STAR among the STAR! King Kim Jong Hyun! STAR KING
JongHyun: There’s still Dream Team, Dream Team.
TaeMin: Let’s proceed!
MinHo: Get ready~
JongHyun, MinHo, TaeMin, JinKi: This is how it should be, This is how it should be.
MinHo: Today is JongHyun hyung’s birthday, thank you everyone for coming here, there’s really many people who came! We haven’t done anything for JongHyun hyung yet. But firstly still must open the birthday cake right?
JongHyun: Need to blow candle right.
MinHo: Candle..must blow birthday candle right?
JinKi: Let’s blow the birthday candle!
MinHo: Birthday cake is coming on stage, it was initially going to be done, now it’s not going to be done.
JongHyun: Do as you wish. Hahahahahahaha.

JinKi: I wonder why today’s stage looks very close.
JongHyun: Oh? Looks like nobody realised it! There should still be someone!
JinKi: Ah Coming~ coming~
(Staff coming)
TaeMin: The fifth member.
JongHyun: The fifth member.
( Lit the candle )
MinHo: Oh~ So handsome.
JinKi: You even light the candle for your own birthday.
JongHyun: Because I have hands trembling sickness (Not sure about this line.)
JinKi: Who’s going to sing the Birthday song?
MinHo: [To fans} I’ll give you the mike! Really~
JongHyun: Let’s just do this. The person who can win me will be given a mike, scissors paper stone~ Don’t shout!! Don’t anyhow move, let’s play! Scissors paper stone! Please choose scissors! Scissors and paper, choose scissors!! Must play okay!!
JinKi: We’ll see about that.
JongHyun: Scissors paper stone, cannot change!! Must play!! Stone scissors stone paper!! The best out of three, the best out of three
Me: Ohohohohoh, Win already!.
( Jonghyun oppa was going to play..)
Fans: Ohohoh, it’s empty.
JongHyun: What should I choose? Choose what?
Me: Paper

JongHyun: What should I choose?
Another unni and I: Stone.
MinHo: Scissors paper stone!
JongHyun: Oh? Against the rule~Against the rule~
MinHo: Then let’s sing together everyone!
Everyone: Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~…
JongHyun: Thank you everyone~
JinKi: Is it delicious?
JongHyun: It’s delicious~
Fans: Birthday bread, birthday bread~
[Birthday bread: In Korea, the person having his/her birthday on that day can be bashed by anyone regardless of seniority.]
JongHyun: Wait~Whatever we do must have a sequence.
( The cake has cut very weirdly )
Fans: Oh…
JongHyun: Anyway it’ll be eaten into the stomach~
JinKi: That’s right~
MinHoo: TaeMin-ah, go there and take the baseball bat here.
JongHyun: Isn’t this what I said before? ( Can’t hear )
JinKi: Those who want to do the birthday bread please come here and play scissors paper stone.
Fans: Oh oh oh!!!
JinKi: It’s just a joke! Please save me~

TaeMin: Can really grasp the atmosphere~
JinKi: Face is also quite small.
JongHyun: Is there anything else?
TaeMin: It’s actually Amber?? Actually, I have been mistaken before, anyhow calling Amber nuna as hyung!!
JongHyun: Actually..Oh, must reply first, it’s not Amber~Not long ago during Amber’s birthday~
Fans: Sulli~
JongHyun: Ah, the party organised during Sulli’s birthday, I appeared wearing Amber’s hat and even Amber’s sweater. Amber was not on the stage, it seems like nobody found out, after that from there ( points at door ), she came out ( turns head ) It seems like she looks very much like me. But apparently, Amber looks more like DongHae hyung.
Fans: Yes yes, you three are.
JongHyun: That’s right that’s right, we three look alike.
MinHo: Show your muscle!
Fans: ( Screams wildly )
JinKi: Let me verify if it has disappeared.
( Walks behind the whiteboard )
JongHyun: Left it at home already, left at home.
Fans: Ah…
JongHyun: There’s no muscle..
Fans: Five words..five words..five words
JongHyun: Ah, have the chance next time!
Fans: Ah..
JongHyun: I’ll let you all see next time.
Fans: Next concept.

JongHyun: No, it’s not like that. And, and what else? [ changing the topic ]
JinKi: There should be something fresh~
JongHyun: Something fresh? Oh? This is good! Can hug me?
JinKi: This one must first see the situation..
JongHyun: Why? It’s alright.
JinKi: Then who wrote this?
JongHyun: Wait! Must firstly raise doubts!
MinHo: Can hug me?
JongHyun: I’ll go and hug you.
( Both hugging )
JongHyun: Isn’t this better?
JinKi: So must actually do this!
MinHo: Please imitate YooGeun.
JongHyun: You didn’t just made this up earlier right?
MinHo: It’s here~It’s not here?~
JongHyun: I will imitate, what should I imitate?
Fans: Look at this [JongHyun imitate before in HelloBaby]
( Becomes quiet )
Fan: I’m a child
Fans: Ah~~~
JongHyun: This is so disgraceful, video camera..Why is there so many people? When I do this everyday, there’s so many photographer infront of me but I don’t find it disgraceful..
Fan: Go behind the whiteboard.

JongHyun: Like this?
( Walks to behind )
JongHyun: Look at this~Is it cute?
Fans: Yes~
MinHo: Already 21 years old.
JinKi: Hmmph, who’s the one who said that being 21 years old now, will go and drink beer?
JongHyun: I don’t have how to drink beer.
Fans: Eh~
JongHyun: I really look like I know how to drink?
Fans: Yes~
JongHyun: That’s right~How can it be so? You can’t just judge a book by it’s cover~! ( Looks at the next note ) I have been fooled already~
MinHo: Lastly, plans for the future?
JongHyun: Plans for the future is only to keep singing~
MinHo: Please use five words to answer.
JongHyun: Future plans, must use five words, how to answer?
TaeMin: Continue singing.
JongHyun: Continue singing! Continue SHINee.
MinHo: In the middle of preparing our album, isn’t this better?
Fans: Oh~~~
JongHyun: Alright~Then I’ll try. Kiss me darling, what do you think? What to do? Kiss me darling.
MinHo: I don’t know darling.

Part 2

JongHyun: Ah, there’s no meaning~Alright~Eh, in the future, I’ll continue with myself prepared like this to see everyone~ We, SHINee, will also~ Have a good life too-Erm, whether I can display my good side to everyone not as time passes like this. I’m pondering all these.
JinKi: Is it?
JongHyun: Yes, is it not? It seems it’s like this!
MinHo: Next, we have prepared something for everyone who came here just to celebrate JongHyun hyung’s birthday~Will be done by drawing lots! Give everyone CD~There, TaeMin-ah, that ( pointing tot he polaroid camera )
JongHyun: This would also be given?
JinKi: What if we give away the camera?
TaeMin: Must sign!
MinHo: After signing our name, then we’ll choose five people to give~JongHyun hyung, you choose five of them.
JongHyun: Everyone choose one~I’ll choose two~
Fans: Close your eyes..
JongHyun: I got it~
MinHo: Number 108.
JongHyun: TaeMin-goon! Choose one after mixing it~
TaeMin: Oh? Wait. I have a number I like. 12! Congratulations~
MinHo: After a while then we’ll announce?
Fans: Ah…
MinHo: Number 26
JinKi: How many have been chosen?!
MinHo: It’s hyung turn already.
JinKi: Ah, it’s me? Number 47.

JongHyun: Number 47~Still left one more~
JinKi: Okay, come out shouting your own number!
Fans: ( Shouting their own number )
JongHyun: Number 12. Ah, I really need to write my name?
JinKi: JongHyun-goon, you’ll specially write your name.
JongHyun: It’s really not an easy matter~
TaeMin: ( To the nunas who came on stage ) Hello~
JinKi: If you feel it’s a pity, then this need to be taken away also? ( Lucky draw box, etc )
JongHyun: Oh! Name! It’s the same with my mother.
Fans: Oh~
JinKi: I’ll then anyhow choose five ( Paper with five word talk ) Give this to the fans…It’s a little sad if I just give it like this! So everyone of us take one, after that follow according to the instructions written on it.
JongHyun: Come~XX’s “Let me see your aegyo”
JinKi: Come, please come here.
JongHyun: Don’t be nervous~
Fans: Oh!!
JinKi: Give JongHyun-goon~Need a mike? Ah, he said he doesn’t need one.
JongHyun: Aegyo! Aegyo!
Fans: Aegyo! Aegyo!
MinHo: This request is a little over.
JinKi: This is one is not bad~Ah.
JongHyun: Is there any other?
JinKi: There’s no other, only five .

JongHyun: Faster let us see. A short one, a short one, 1 2 3, come, then let us first let MinHo demonstrate for us!
JinKi: MinHo already did aegyo before…
JongHyun: MinHo-goon will then do it once again with the one he done before. MinHo-goon, please come here. Come, MinHo-goon!
Do aegyo~ 1 2 3 !
( MinHo oppa rocks/sways his shoulder ) (Not sure about this line
JongHyun: Have you seen that? They say they haven’t seen it!! 1 2 3!
MinHo: Um um um~
JongHyun: 1 2 3! 1 2 3! 1 2 3!
JongHyun: Everyone actually because of this, then they let us do it.
TaeMin: Really fun~
JongHyun: Ah Miss XX’s. Erm, “Please sing a song you like recently, just one short part”
JinKi: I’ll see what song she’ll sing. I’ll see here.
JongHyun: 1 2 3!
JongHyun: Is this tape 4 times slower?
JinKi: It’s up to you already.
( JongHyun oppa dances )
JinKi: Oh, he starts to dance, start to dance!
JongHyun: Okay~Below is Miss XX!
JinKi: This! This one is very funny, must use five words to say.
JongHyun: What is it?

TaeMin: What is the true side of this?
JongHyun: Ah~It’s SHW. Ah~Goodbye~ Okay, next is Miss XX! “Dance to a new song’s dance” Ah, new song, then I’ll dance a little bit RDD for you?
Fans: Been fooled, been fooled already!
JinKi: I’ve also been fooled, he’s really a person we can do nothing about!
Fans: Hahahahahahaha
JongHyun: Ah, why let me do this? Hyung made the fans very flustered
JinKi: I’m also very flustered.
JongHyun: Dance with me! RDD
JinKi: There’s this short and mighty one ( imitate JongHyun oppa’s mouth swipe!!!!!!!!!) although JongHyun uses his left left~
Fans: Four together!! Together! Together!
JongHyun: Ah, this one, this one want to do it together?
JinKi: ( singing ) I really like you~
JongHyun: It’s like this, like this, must do this on the floor ( Steps on the floor )
1 2 3! Start!
Fans: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
MinHo: Last person.
TaeMin: Miss XX!
JongHyun: Ah, if it’s like this.
TaeMinL Please read.
Nuna: Would you merry me ( I think it’s “Would you marry me?” )

JinKi; Would you merry me? Ah, here, what is it??
MinHo: Ah, there’s only five person, what a pity! So, let’s give two of them priviledge JongHyun hyung. JongHyun hyung is the main lead today, JongHyun hyung choose two person, give them the paper which has been signed.
JongHyun: Have to choose again?
MinHo: Yes, just give it to two person among them.
JongHyun: ( singing ) Woo woo woo~ Number 73
Fans: Ah~
JinKi: Choose another one.
A certain fan:40 40!
JongHyun: 40~
Fans: Oh oh oh oh oh oh?? Oh oh oh oh~
JinKi: Just now this person’s facial expression I’ll imitate for everyone to see again ( Imitating the way the fan shouted 40… )
JongHyun: Ah, want signature right? Ah, what is number 73’s name?
JinKi: Who should this camera be given to?
Fans: Me~Scissors paper stone!
JinKi: Ah…They said it’s not to be given. Ah…
( spit saliva )
Fans: Oh oh~
JinKi: What? Because my strength have became stronger already. Haha. I did a lot of exercise.
MinHo: You just spitted saliva? You just spitted saliva?
JinKi: Not spitting towards me right? Not me right?
Fans: Oh, it’s spitted out already!
JinKi: Is it this? This is dust? Haha

Fans: Ah~
JinKi: My name is dust!!
( Everyone claps )
MinHo: Okay, now we have finished one segment, the members whom I cannot be without, everyone have to say something~
JongHyun: Ment. Ah~The world’s most tiring thing, but it will slightly improve?
MinHo: Everytime when having a birthday party, it’s always us saying it to JongHyun hyung, this time it’s special, JongHyun hyung will say it to us~
Fans: Very clever~
JongHyun: Just your brain is working well! ᄒᄉᄒ
JongHyun: Ah! Why like this..
( Background music.. Y.O.U )
JongHyun: Leader Onew hyung first~What does Onew hyung want to say to me~
JinKi: No girl~ ( Lyrics just came out ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ)
JongHyun: It’s not everyone right? Ah, just kidding. To me, Onew hyung is a hyung which have great expectation on me.
( Can’t hear ᅲᅲ) Because preparing muscial very busy..must fighting! Tomorrow’s performace must perform well.
JinKi: Will you come and watch?
JongHyun: No! 3, 4 times later.
JinKi: Ah, when I perform very well.
JongHyun: When you perform well, I heard that there would be many mistakes during the first time.
JinKi: Actually neglecting practice recently, there’s a bit no feeling~

Fans: Say it now!!!!
JongHyun: Because during filming…KiBum-goon, to let everyone know SHINee is currently working hard for COMEDY TV broadcasting. ( Can’t hear ) I want to say to KiBum I’m very thankful, he’s like a little sister…
JinKi: Thank you mouse dad! [Key is raising a mouse]
JongHyun: Thank you mouse dad.
JinKi: Raise more mouse.
JongHyun: Key-goon is very humane to me.
Fans: Mouse?! Mouse?
JinKi: Shhh~
JongHyun: I never said it before! Thank you, very very thankful, after birthday then party ends then I’ll make a call ( Can’t hear )
JinKi: The matter about raising a mouse, don’t spread it to other places.
JongHyun: I guarantee!! This will be spread until DC there
JinKi: cannot cannot! Really cannot.
JongHyun: Will be spread right? Won’t it? Answer, really won’t? Will you spread it or will you not?
JinKi: If it spreads there, I have this paper for drawing lots!
A particular fan: Call me~I’ll spread it~
JongHyun: Then, very very thankful members, for preparing this, SHINRING? The nunas in the queue, thank you to those behind that side! **Nunas thanking
MinHo: Love love love love~
JongHyun: SHW!!!!!!!!
MinHo: love love love love~
JongHyun: Republic of Korea!!!!!! As expected, everyone are all very happy. Very thankful. Thank you SHW, in the future must keep on travelling with us, must create a lot of happy memories like this. What time is it now?
Fans: Ah..Sing! Sing!
JongHyun: Thank you everyone~SHW, I love you all!
One fan: TaeMin, I love you!
JongHyun: Then where are those who love me?
MinHo: Then where are those who love Onew hyung?
JongHyun: Those three that have heard it~Hey! If choose one among those three
A particular fan: ( Talk very confusingly ) ( Comes down )
JongHyun: Wait~Wait! ( To the musical brochure I brought. My heart was beating very fast! )
JongHyun: Everyone knows about tomorrow’s performance right? <> This musical is Onew’s hyung performing for the first time, so please support him!

And lastly through singing “Love singing” (?) to end. The song that JongHyun oppa sang, what was that..ᅲᅲ..He sang “How are you”(?) this song? MinHo oppa and TaeMin oppa said they didn’t want to sing, saying ” We’ll sing in the future when it’s our turn to be main lead” Thus, nunas looked at JongHyun oppa. “Rap!!!!Rap!”
I shouted: “Popping!!!!!!!” and stared/had eye-contact with me ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ “Popping ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ” Because of this, he smiled. So in the end, stil sang “We are breaking up now~”(?) Hearing him sing this sentence. And we also took a group photo, thus letting us to the front row, those who wants to go then go. Ah, I never go ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ
Once I came out again, I stood infront of those people in the front row and took pictures ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ And after I came out, I chatted with unnies, saying that I saw JinKi oppa and MinHo oppa going home!

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