Fancy a date with Kim Bum?

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KBS World prepared the special event, celebrating the 7th anniversary of the launching of KBS World. We are looking for 5 international fans in Asia, to appear on KBS World’s special program with Kim Beom who is the recognized Hallyu star and the cast of KBS mega-hit drama “Boys over Flowers”. The event will take place for 4 days and 3 nights in April in Seoul and Jeju Island!
[How to participate in the event]

Fans will be chosen by 3 cable stations in 3 different countries: Astro(Malaysia), SingTel(Singapore), Sky Cable(Philippines).
Please visit each cable stations’ websites to participate in the event.
Fans in other countries can also participate through KBS World website (

Malaysia: (OR)

[Criteria for Selection]

Basic Points:
1. Female, over the age of 20, with Asian citizenship (Not an ethnic Korean) and who can trip abroad without the parents’ consent.
2. Female who can communicate in English.
3. Female who loves Korea and Kim Beom.
4. Female who has a passport and has no disqualification to travel overseas.

Preferential Points:
1. Female who has special talents (Eg> Fashion model, Dancer, Culinarian, Traditional artist, Instrument player, Martial Artist, etc.)
2. Female with high interests in Korean culture (Korean celebrities, dramas, music, etc.)

[For the final winner (5 people), KBS World will present]
Date with Kim Beom (Arriving in Seoul on April 18th and leaving on April 23rd)
-Airfare, travelers insurance
-Fees for VISA, Airport Surcharge (Receipt must be submitted for the reimbursement)
– Accommodation, transportation and meal while staying in Korea

*KBS World will prepare special gifts for the dropouts.

[What and where to submit]

Please submit the application form and 3 pictures through email

[Please check the attachment to download the application form.]

World Date with Kim Bum Application Form

Woah. Who’s going?

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