CPop♥Singapore this month :)

Since I am in SG, just a shoutout to local SG CPop fans!

Who have you chosen?

or S.H.E?

On the same fateful day, 17th April, in the evening, both Mayday and S.H.E will hold their concert in Singapore. In two different places of course.

Mayday’s DNA MAYDAY World Tour Concert starts at 8PM @ National Stadium,
S.H.E’s S.H.E IS THE ONE World Tour Concert starts at 7.30PM @ Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Man. (I would choose S.H.E though)

Anyways! Some updates about their fanmeet/fansigns in Singapore:

S.H.E’ll be having their fansign/meet on the 18th of April at Plaza Singapura. (I think it’s 3PM)

Jocie Guo Mei Mei will be having her new album [我是郭美美] autograph sessions at:

Time: 3:00PM Saturday, April 10th
Location:Lot 1 Shopping Centre, Roof Garden

Time: 3:00PM Sunday, April 11th
Location:City Square Mall

/Her new album includes the Chinese version of Davichi’s 8282 and Wonder Girls’ Tell Me.

Lastly, Show Luo Zhi Xiang, aka Xiao Zhu is coming!
Concert tickets for Show Luo 3D World Live Tour 2010 is on the 22nd of May. Tickets are selling at SISTIC, here.

Yeah, the fun. Let’s go back to Chinese Pop for a while before more Koreans come over to our sunny island again soon, in July.

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