April/May Comebacks

I’ve been lazy to write articles lol. Here’s an article from KBS World (9th April)

The month of April has seen some of the hottest and most anticipated comebacks in k-pop. Despite some setbacks due to the tragic Cheonan incident, Rain has returned with his “A Love Song” that’s been faring very well. Lee Hyori has also released her sing “Swing” showing off a new look and sound. However, industry insiders are saying that that’s as hot as it’s going to get until May.

Many other artists and idol groups were expected to return this month as well, but have decided to push back their comeback dates all the way into May. Speculation attributes this to the fact that they don’t want to compete with two of k-pop’s most influential figures and because of the somber tone that the Cheonan tragedy has set for the country. However, they don’t want to push it further than May due to the World Cup games in June.

When May does finally come around, it’s going to be a fierce battle between some of the biggest names in the industry: Son Dambi, Wondergirls, Se7en, SS501, 2NE1, and 4 Minute.

To name a couple specific dates, the Wondergirls have been busy in the US, but are planning to make their official comeback in Korea on May 16th. SS501 is looking at May 1st to release their new mini album, which is quite easy to remember since numerically it’s “5-01”.


The awesome Hyori teaser for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I like the sound of the song, seems like a hit! Daebakjiya hahaha~

Rain’s comeback performance yesterday:

Love Song

I’m totally NOT digging into the metal armour. But his body is really.. toned *_* shows off his bod again.
And I thought I saw Junho instead at the end. They are sooo alike.

Hip Song

@1:48 LOL. @2:05 LOL?

After all the fuss with his fake glasses, he decided he will have no more eye-poking experiences so he’s hidding his face under a cap and a hood. You can’t see half his face -_- Looks like a bboy perf, and he’s not singing half the song. I mean.. if you’re coming back with a song, at least sing it? I love the dance and everything, but, yeah, everything is just lipsynced. Shows no face till the end lol.


I liked how raw live it sounded for B2ST’s Shock yesterday though. At least they put in more effort. Shuck!

I don’t like Secret’s Mazeek.

There’s no Music Bank today T_T

Sorry, Music Bank has been canceled due to the recent sinking of the South Korean ship

& if you’ve been following my twitter you should know Donghae has twitter and lots of people are watching the number of followers grow lol. A Chosun reporter was like saying how amazing Donghae already has 20,000 followers, mainly Asian fans. Super Junior is indeed the center of KPop stars in Asia lol.

& Donghae also tweeted about SJ in Phillipines now, having SuperShow2! You guys enjoying it there~

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