100413 Jessica 2010 Birthday Party Fan Account

After the fan account of Jonghyun’s birthday, it’s now Jessica’s birthday!
It’s another wall of text so just click read more to read it.

Happy Birthday Sica! ^^

Note: This celebration happened last April 13, 9:30 PM on the SM Headquarters.
Jessica’s birthday is on the 18th. ^^

Cr: 소시시, myevery, crephi, minT윤아@sosiz 바람대장@bestiz
Translations: silis7noy2@soompi.com

Jessica 2010 Birthday Party fan account
As we were waiting suddenly voices of some girls were heard so we looked at the entrance and some girls were doing some unintelligible rapping kekeke
Seemed like Yuri said “Yo~ I say Sonyuh you say Shidae!” “I say Want you say Now~” I can’t even remember clearly kekeke

Then first Yoona came out she was the MC Sooyoung was sub-MC and each of the girls came out. Taeyeon, Seohyun and Sunny were missing. Most of them were in sweatpants Fany wore a skinny jean and they had makeups on from their schedules. Sica was seen peeking out from behind the curtain then when she was called she appeared wearing a pink crown.

When they were cutting the cake Fany put cake cream on Sica’s face and Yuri took a ribbon from the cake and put it under Sica’s right eye. Then Sica said “That’s not the right side” referring to her Genie sticker kekeke.
After the birthday song Sica was making wish and people were getting loud so Yuri told us to be quiet. Then Yuri stood beside Sica and the two closed their eyes and made wishes together TT TT

Next each member took turns talking to Sica. Already with Yoona Sica started tearing up and was crying all throughout the talk, with cream on her face. Fany got some tissues for her.

Yoona said she is thankful Sica unnie took good care of her during the training years… Yoona first thought Sica was scary but turned out the opposite and Sica still takes good care of her. This is when Sica started to tear up TT TT Yoona said she looked like Krystal and Sica took care of Yoona like a sister. Yoona told Sica to wake up early from now on and they hugged each other.

Next was Sooyoung she said she and Sica are the oldest trainees in the team so they know each other so well. Hyoyeon interrupted “NaDonDe!(Me too)” keke. Sooyoung said they trained from grade school together and when Sica is having difficult times Sica doesn’t talk much about it. Sooyoung can tell what Sica is feeling just by looking at how Sica is walking she says.(Yuri and Fany then imitated that Sica’s walk and Sica kicked at them kekeke) Sooyoung is sorry she couldn’t take much care of Sica even though she is Sica’s roommate.

Hyoyeon next started with an awkward “Hello Sica~” hehe. She couldn’t come to Taeyeon’s birthday party and she made sure she came today. Hyoyeon said she was also Sica’s roommate and teased Sooyoung that Sica talked to her about things. Hyoyeon said they know Sica is stressed and hopes she can rely on the members more,

Next Yuri she said she has known Sica for 9 years and wants to be here again when the number on the cake changes from 22 to 33 so on. Yuri seemed to have lot to say but couldn’t go on. Then since they were wearing the same thing Yuri pointed at Sica and said “We have a couple look today~ euhungghung” keke Yoona interrupted again with “NaDonDe!~” keke

Fany said they went to the foreigner school together and remembers sending notes to each other in class like “I wish we could get out of the class now~”… Now the time has passed so much she said… she wants to be together for long time… Fany ended with “I love you” to Sica

Today’s birthday party was emotional… Sica cried a lot as each girl talked to her… But the girls continued to be dorks during the talk, teasing and kicking at each other kekeke

Then it was Sica’s turn to say something to the members. She said when they were promoting Oh! and she was doing her musical she had such a hard time… She had to practice everyday from 10AM to 10PM, it was very very tiring she couldn’t keep up. She wanted to talk to the members but couldn’t express herself well. During that time she had to be by herself often and when she was with the members she didn’t know what to say and became quiet. She said there are times when she can express herself fully but she couldn’t this time. Sica said she promised to herself that she will open up now as she is a year older. Then Fany said she will wait until the date this weekend hehe… Hyoyeon was quietly listening next to her then told Sica, “We know everything Sica even though you don’t say anything, we always stand by you and we will always wait for you to talk to us” and teared up… TT TT
Sica said “After 10 years, 20 years 30 years, I want us to be Sonyuh Shidae together… We all share the same mind…” TT TT

Sica then talked to us fans. It’s been three years since debut and spending the years together Sica said the girls and the fans now have like an invisible thread connecting them, like a family… She wants to continue to have birthday parties like this forever, to continue to have fans come wish her happy birthday. Sica said to us “Please don’t look away elsewhere… continue to love us… keke”. Sica seemed so happy to have Sones for the girls…

Next was questions session and the girls came forward on the stage and just sat on the stage floor, joining closer to fans…^^ Sooyoung said if someone comes up with a great question she will give the person her hot pack that she had on her stomach! kekeke She later threw it to a lucky fan.

The first question “How come Sica doesn’t do CF?”
Sica quipped “Why don’t you hire me?” keke
She said she is expensive she doesn’t do just any CF. Yoona and Sooyoung next to her said “Yeah we are cheap. We shoot any CF out there~” kekeke Sica said she is jealous that Fany Sooyung and Yoona shot CF with Daniel Henney. Fany Sooyoung corrected her that it’s only Yuri kekeke Sica said to Yuri “Why do you keep telling Daniel that I like him and make me embarrassed!” keke Yuri said “It’s all because I’m trying to get him to like you kekeke” Sooyoung said “Daniel’s ideal type is not Yuri and not Sica kekeke”

2nd question: “Who do you like better Josh Hartnett or Daniel Henney?”
Sica: “Josh Harnett since he didn’t shoot CF with any other members. And he was there with me when I sang” keke

3rd question: “Do you monitor SNSD TV appearances?”
Sica said she doesn’t really watch TV. Then Yuri said “Oh so Invincible Youth is not interesting to watch? kekeke” Sica said she goes to fan sites and watches edited clips made by fans and thanked the fans for making them.

The last question was about the musical.
“What was the meaning of your tears at the last Legally Blonde Seoul performance?”

Sica said “Doing the musical was so difficult I had to miss many SNSD schedules… Thinking the musical is finally over with success I was so elated… At the last scene I started to tear up a little. I wanted to look pretty in front of the fans so I wiped it and cleaned up behind the stage. But when I came back out again there was an ocean of pink and I just…”. I could feel how much hardship she went through doing the musical, I am so thankful she did so well… I’m also thinking of Taeyeon who’s busy rehearsing for her musical…

Lastly they picked some fans to give out signed posters. Echo started playing and members made Hyoyeon do some wild dancing. Hyoyeon was confused how to dance this song keke. Then Hyoyeon told the girls to join them and the girls all did the wild dance as Sica sat there watching kekeke.

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