(x)culsive: WG Departure on Wednesday

Waited really long for Wonder Girls to appear on Wednesday night, and they appeared finally at 9 plus. Came on a minibus with curtained windows. The girls were pretty high onboard (: Yeeun and Yoobin were waving happily outside to the fans; there were about 30~40 I think, and Sunye waved a bit and quickly sat down. Sohee appeared for awhile and shyly half-waved from behind, and Hye was nowhere to be seen (behind the curtains?)
Yeeun and Yoobin were ‘talking’ to some fans right below them, it was pretty cute to watch.

The guard shouted, “Say bye bye to them, you won’t see them anymore after this.”
Indeed, after all our goodbyes, the bus drove off, not to appear anymore. Most probably made it into the VIP area. After all the hassle from the previous days due to some troubles with the stalking fans (which I’m not sure of, but came out on the papers), I guess this is a safer way.

Watch my (cute) fancam under the cut.

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