(x)culsive SUBS: [#1] SG Ent Awards – SHINee Awards Speech

Hahaha I’m really excited because this is my first subbed video all by myself! 축하합니다!! Hahaha. No help from any online translation services whatsoever ^^ It’s not 100% accurate, because my Korean is still pretty phail (I subbed it more because of me being good at Chinese lol) so bear with it ^^;;

SHINEE IS SO CUTE when they were repeating the Chinese lines and got one of it wrong. SHINee speaking Chinese / English is daebak. Hahahaha esp Onew’s “ah~~~” and then watch JongKey snigger at Ah Ken doing Ring Ding Dong hahaha. The two dudes are seriously a couple. Taemin got shocked while Minho was daynight dreaming and Onew just smiled lol.

Bring out with credits to (x)clusive [loveshouldgoon.wordpress.com].


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Bring out with credits to (x)clusive [loveshouldgoon.wordpress.com], if I find out you DIDN’T… x_x

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