(x)clusive: WG arrived at SG yesterday. My account.

Oh I picked up the Wonder Girls yesterday at the airport. The number of fans were less than I expected, just because this was not a publicized event, and I’m really thankful for that. The fans there were mostly true Wonderfuls and I bet they had a great time yesterday.. because…

There were no barricades. -_-

Okay lemme start from the start. (Fanaccount under cut! Click it!)

Firstly, no one was sure when was their flight until yesterday itself. Thank goodness for their tip-off I expected them to come at night. And they did, the usual way. (was getting sick of going to the airport btw)

They came out at about 10, and of course the airport people weren’t ready enough to have them. The girls walked to the exit, but was asked to stop and go back behind to wait for extra help, because there weren’t barricades and fans were crowding the area too hard. Meanwhile, all those people taking their luggage from the nieghbouring row were snapping photos away right at the girls’ faces D: Firstly it was rude to the girls, secondly they were totally blocking all the fans’ views of them, which made all of us really mad. Lucky the girls moved behind.

All 4 of them were in shades other than Sunye. Sunye had a cap on and her checked shirt, she was the first I recognised, of course, it’s Sunye unnie for me! haha. Well, Sohee was in shades with green frames, wearing a pretty cool tacky black jacket with some gold words, Yeeun being the tallest and smiley (:, Yoobin with the shorter hair of the group, and the not-so-responsive Hye Lim in total black clothes.

Fanservice #1: Yeeun ^^ She’s like the nicest thing on earth xD Kept waving, I bet she’s super happy seeing her Pack, for some reason I’m proud of them? hahaha so random.

Erm yeah, so as they were waiting, Sohee and Yeeun consistently turned to the fans’ direction; Yeeun was talking and facing us. Sohee kept scratching her head, it was cute to watch, and my guy friend was so spazzing. HAHA! They were taking photos too, and Yoobin and Yeeun had a Yebin/Yooeun moment, Yeeun was adjusting Yoobin’s clothes? Hye was not really interacting with the rest though?

Finally guards came and the girls walked out towards the exit. Oh I forgot to mention, I had my sign for Sunye in front of me and I was filming.. and when the girls intially walked past, Sunye didn’t see it – but she turned back again suddenly and read my sign! And duh, waved to me XD And I caught it on camera too~ It totally made everything worthwhile. I was the only Sun fan in my area anyway, so.. yeah.. *happy*

Anyway, it became chaotic when they came out. Everyone rushed in front to get close to the girls – and from what I heard right after, one of the girls got smacked in the face, falling her sunglasses. I wasn’t sure who but as I sneaked up went beside the crew, I noticed Yeeun’s sunglasses were gone, showing her no makeup yet smiley as ever face – so it’s her D: (later I found out it was a fan who tried passing a gift to her, accidentally whacking her face. Argh!) Saw Sunye upclose, she still looks like how I see her in photos with no makeup haha. Surprisingly, I thought Hye Lim was pretty petite and had cute lips, haha! She was really quiet and dark-faced (literally) prob cos no one shouted for her too? Sohee’s hair’s totally cut for hair CF, and reminded me of Narsha’s hair (but Narsha’s was a lot more flowy than hers); she wasn’t very friendly.. and Yoobin was pretty happy and waved to some (: I like her hair, back to the So Hot days!

They got on the bus and left for Sentosa, where their hotel’s at.

Sooo, I’ll upload my fancam late again too, since I have camp tmr. I decided not to stalk them so I don’t have much details but I know they went shopping at United Square today o.o weird choice. And the girls went food-hunting, esp like trying Chendol and roadside ice-cream. It’s their holiday in Singapore btw, so guys, if you do see them and are stalking them, give them SPACE. Let them enjoy the limited time they have here, and refrain from doing anything that will stop them from coming to our sunny island again. Arasseo?! (Understand?!)

Okay. Have fun stalking WG!

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