Korea♥Singapore – some updates! (FT, Lee Minho, SS501, Kpop Comp?)

1) Lee Minho is coming to Singapore! If you haven’t heard. Hahaha I don’t believe it, I escaped from him from Krea and now he’s coming over.. xD And I’m going to give you updates on this, even live ones. If I can. That’s when he comes.. kekeke

From: allkpop

It was announced today that actor, Lee Minho will be dropping by Singapore this October and meet his fans.

He will be in Singapore to officiate at the opening ceremony for the second Etude House outlet (for which he models) at Ion Orchard. To celebrate the opening of the second outlet in Singapore in the short period of 3 months, the brand decided on having Lee Minho in Singapore to make the occasion an even joyous one.

Lee Minho will drop by Singapore for a 2D1N trip on 10th October, and it will be a pretty packed schedule, incorporating a fanmeeting. Details like places he will go to, number of people accompaying him, etc are not known yet.

2) However, bad news is FT Island ain’t coming to SG this Nov.. T__T It’s due to the clash of Hongki’s drama schedules. Wae, Hongki? I miss your evil smile at level2 of Dragonfly. 😀 They’re coming in 2010 though. I shall await.

From: primanoona

Because of a clash in lead vocal, Hongki’s schedule, FT Island’s Singapore promotion schedule has to be postponed to next year (2010).

No exact date has been drawn yet, however both sides are looking into January 2010.

3) As for SS501, I believe they are still coming in Dec, but with Hyunjoong oppa down with H1N1..! Hope that he’ll recover quickly! Let’s all keep him in our prayers.

4) Lastly, will be about the Singapore Kpop Competition 2009!
I’ve heard from sources that there will be a Kpop Competition again this coming October. 🙂 Start practising, I’ll bring more updates.


Out of Singapore, but SHINee is going to Taiwan again!! When are they coming to Singapore T__T
I wanna see more Onew+Xiao Zhu action. now go! xD

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
Translation Credits: atlantis-x
Credits: SHINee Forums

Korean Boy Group SHINee to Meet Fans in Taiwan for Second Time on 9/19.

Korean boy group SHINee managed to top the charts in Taiwan with their first album ‘AMIGO’ and their recent mini album ‘ROMEO’ has also achieve good results. In order to thank the fans’ overwhelming support, they have decided to come to Taiwan for the second time next Saturday (19th), and will hold a ‘Shining SHINee Summer Fan Meeting In Taiwan’ at Breeze Center, coming into close interaction with fans.

SHINee first visited Taiwan last year during Christmas, and was followed by many fans whenever they went and due to their handshake event having limited places, the 200 fans who were unable to gain entry to cry on the spot, thus allowing SHINee to clearly witness the passion of their fans. Also, Taiwan’s Steamed Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao), Pearl Milk Tea, Dorayaki and such snacks were especially memorable for SHINee, and they wish to be able to taste these again during the trip.

They have debuted for only a year, but already has a lot of fans in not only Korea, but also Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries. Recently, they took on the hosting job for Korea MBC show ‘Flower Boys Generation’, thus starting to develop themselves as all-rounded performers. The ‘2009 SM Town Summer Collection’ which includes SHINee’s latest single ‘Scar’ will be released on the 18th in Taiwan.

Another update, would be about Jay. 🙁

It’s the biggest thing in Korea’s music industry now. Just because of a few hardship comments 4 years ago, the great charismatic leader of 2PM is now back in Seattle, after public apologies and etc. I had been discussing this with my friends, and we came to a conclusion that it’s best for Jay to stay in Seattle at the moment so he can rest and be relieved of all these trouble for now. Since JYP ain’t going to let such talent away so easily + Hottests’ power, Jay will most probably be back before we know it.

I was just chatting with my friend about how crazy 2PM is last week; saying that their concept is the cool+crazy; a bit dangerous for a relatively new group.. esp with Chansung’s small issue of littering in Wild Bunny (he had to give a public apology too). And then this happened.

Seriously, to think about this..

We aren’t in the position to debate whether or not Korean netizens should be curbed, but we can think about how this negative situation can be improved? Do we really need to get agitated over small issues like comments we made 4 years ago when we were young? I’m sure youths of today use vulgarities as much as they breathe everyday.

Moreover, I strongly believe it was just stress + youth troubles/attitude + homesickness + uncertainty = the horrible feelings then for Jay. As he explained, he didn’t know when he would debut after training for so long, and growing up in America, of course he ain’t used to a different country. And we all say we hate stuff all the time but we don’t really mean it right?

Why is this such a big issue? :/

///// CUT RANT

I will just end this by saying, JAY FIGHTING!
No matter where you are, we will still root for you!
2PM’s not going to be the same without you, but rest. And if possible, have a great comeback.
We will be anticipating! 🙂

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