(x)clusive!: Quick Q&A with It Girls Apink


It’s been more than two weeks since we last met the girls of Apink (consisting of Chorong, Eunji, Bomi, Namjoo, Naeun and Hayoung) for a short Q&A session, and here’s the video clip as we celebrate with them their 5th anniversary. Sponsored Links Besides fellow member Namjoo, who is recovering from…

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(x)clusive!: Healing Time With BTOB In Singapore


In conjunction with the SGKstar  2015 Festival, BTOB kicked off a slew of K-pop idol fan meetings starting from 4th December 2015. Three years after their last appearance at the Sundown Festival in 2012, the 7-member group returned to meet Singaporean Melodies with their BTOB ‘I Mean’ Fan Meeting in Singapore 2015…

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(x)clusive!: Interview with Oh Ji-Ho


Following the huge success of Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective, Oh Ji-Ho is back to star in this blockbuster paranormal series, as a detective with supernatural powers. Together with Han Na-Young (acted by SECRET’s Jun Hyo-Sung), a young high school student girl who also happens to be a ghost, Yoon…

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(x)clusive!: Two Questions with SISTAR – OK GO!

SISTAR Interview

During (x)clusive’s recent trip to Korea, as part of Korea Joa 2015, we managed to snag a really short exclusive interview with popular girl group, SISTAR! If one were to enter the interview venue, the scene would totally liken that of a press conference instead – an elevated stage for…

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(x)clusive!: Find out more about them …Whatever That Means

Forming way back in 2009, …Whatever That Means has since toured throughout Korea, Malaysia, and the United States, performing at the Daejeon Rock Festival, and opened for international acts such as Strike Anywhere (USA), The Bruce Lee Band (USA), FCFive (Japan), Guitar Wolf (Japan), and NoOpinion (Germany). Having kicked off…

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(x)clusive!: Goodbye 20, Hello Lim Kim

Lim Kim, lead vocalist of duo Togeworl, was in town for Music Matters Live with HP 2014: K-Pop Night Out two weeks back. Known for her sultry vocals, the starlet released her first solo album ‘Goodbye 20‘ last year, which won her the ‘Best New Artist’ awards at 2013 Music…

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(x)clusive!: Keep Smiling with Topp Dogg

Put 13 boys in a room and chaos ensues. That was exactly what happened when we met Topp Dogg in Korea, six weeks back. To be very honest, this interview was possibly the team’s noisiest favourite to date as it was nothing short of laughter, coupled with some bickering and…

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