100418 Influx of new Twitter accounts~

Yesterday, more Kpop celebrities’ twitter were started/found!
There’s Super Junior’s sidekick Henry, GOD’s Danny Ahn, After School’s leader Kahi, Rainbow’s leader Jaekyung.

Find all their links and their tweets here!

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Kim Yuna, the kpop skating queen :)

Kim Yuna is a talented young lady from Korea who ice-skates/figure-skates. On this recent skating celebration party in Korea, she did SNSD’s Run Devil Run and a small part of Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra, and ends off the show with Magic. Watch the HD videos here! :)

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Random Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates today, life got busy a bit. My weekends are always taken :(

Anyway, I’ll be refurnishing this blog over the weekend I hope, because it looks soo cluttered. Don’t be too shocked by the changes! Haha. Fighting minor cognitive dissonance.

For those who’re looking for today’s happenings, read on.
There’s twitter updates for:

Isak, Jo Kwon, U-Kiss’s Alexander (about U-Kiss coming to Singapore and more) and MBLAQ’s Thunder.
And just an update for SHINee+SNSD and a photo from Onew’s Hey Bro me2day.

Read on! :)

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New Boyband 2NISE!

Have you heard of 2NISE? No?

Read on to know more about this awesome new boy group, made up of three members: John, Hohyeon, and Jogeun, who released their debut album, 왜이래, on the 14th of April. More photos, links and info in the post!

And tell us, what do you think of 2NISE? Too nice? Or too weird? :)

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Songs of the Week #3 (100415 – 100421)

It’s been a long long while since I posted Song of the Week, and I think i want to recommend a few more songs every week instead. Since there are so many awesome new releases!

What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?
Look in for great music!

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[Twitter] 100414 Today’s updates! (Donghae + PKL)

Today’s tweet translations!

Donghae posted a tweet to S.K. Jhung (정승구), director of the movie “Searching For the Elephant” or “Penthouse Elephant”.
And 2 hours ago, Park Kyunglim posted photos of her with various celebs, and notably U-Kiss’ Kibum and SHINee’s ONEW. No she’s not Onew’s mum.. xD

And also an update from Hey, Bro’s me2day, with Onew’s signature!

Read this post :)

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100413 Jessica 2010 Birthday Party Fan Account

After the fan account of Jonghyun’s birthday, it’s now Jessica’s birthday!
It’s another wall of text so just click read more to read it.
Happy Birthday Sica! ^^

Note: This celebration happened last April 13, 9:30 PM on the SM Headquarters.
Jessica’s birthday is on the 18th. ^^

//////////////////////////////////// excerpt

As we were waiting suddenly voices of some girls were heard so we looked at the entrance and some girls were doing some unintelligible rapping kekeke. Seemed like Yuri said “Yo~ I say Sonyuh you say Shidae!” “I say Want you say Now~” I can’t even remember clearly

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