KPOP Dance Off

Where KPOP comes alive! Come join us for 3 hours non-stop KPOP Music & Dance! If you know the moves, just join in and perform to a live audience. If you don’t, you can still watch anyway!  It’s like Singapore’s very own version of a Korean Music Show!

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KPOP Dance Off is an initiative that was started in 2011. It happens every twice a month, and is a gathering for not only Korean pop dancers, KPOP lovers, but also for all who enjoy street performances! Everyone is invited to come and enjoy KPOP performances by both amateurs and aspiring performers, and also a chance to simply show off your KPOP dance moves.

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Past Dance-Offs Media Archive

tvN Kimchi Fanclub Filming

22/7/11KPOP Dance Off Vol. 1

29/7/11 – KPOP Dance Off Vol. 2

25/8/11 – KPOP Dance Off Vol. 4

09/10/11KPOP Dance Party, “The Vault”, Club Edition

30/11/11KPOP Dance Off, tvN Special Filming

27/01/12KPOP Dance Off Vol. 13

10/02/12 – KPOP Dance Off Vol. 14 | Photos!


  1. Hi. I’m a 11 year old girl who loves dancing but the meaning of free for all means all kids for all ages? That’s all I need to know

  2. Is it free to go in or just register to go in or pay for it. What to wear and what to bring

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  4. Do you do DBSK songs?? 😀

  5. My friends am i might be going on this friday…are we allow to go if we am late?We are having CCA till about 6pm so we might reach there only at 7;30 or 8pm…

  6. urm… is what time ti what time

  7. Well I do want to do Kpop dancing but I’m not very good

  8. I want to do Kpop dancing too. But… problem is I don’t know if I can do this with my hijab on. Can someone please tell me if it’s okay or not?

  9. I got a few questions though..
    1) Where is it held at?
    2) What time does it start?
    3) When does it start?

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