(x)clusive!: Song Joong Ki at Viu Original Reborn Rich Press Conference in Singapore

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A-list South Korean actor Song Joong Ki stopped by Singapore on 7 December 2022 to promote his latest drama ‘Reborn Rich’ at the Viu Original Reborn Rich Press Conference in Singapore held at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel @ Resorts World Singapore. 

‘Reborn Rich’ tells the story of Yoon Hyeon Woo who faithfully serves the owner family of Soonyang group like a servant for over a decade. One day, he gets betrayed by the vice-chairman and is murdered, only to be reincarnated into the body of Do Jun, the youngest grandson of Jin Yang Cheol, the founder of Soonyang Group. Now, he plots to take revenge on the very family that he had served and take over the company as well.

‘Reborn Rich’ was Viu’s top rated show in the first ten days since its launch on the streaming platform and the number 1 show in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and The Philippines. The viewership ratings for Reborn Rich had hit an all new high at 19.4 percent in just three weeks during its eighth episode, surpassing the highest viewership rating set by hit ENA series ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ in 2022. It had just hit a new high at 24.9% for its fourteenth episode into its fifth week of broadcast.

“Actually, I really love Singapore. I mean it!”

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When asked how he was feeling that day, Song Joong Ki said he felt good and professed his love for Singapore by sharing that this trip might very well be his seventh or eighth visit and that he was thankful for the invitation back to Singapore again. This trip will mark the 37-year-old actor’s first visit to Singapore after five years and also his fifth official public appearance in Singapore.

Song Joong Ki first visited Singapore in 2010 to open for Tony Moly, then subsequently returned in 2012 for his first fanmeeting. In 2017, he made a surprise appearance at Park Bo Gum’s first Singapore Fan Meeting and also met fans at the Press Conference for The Battleship Island Star Tour

Song Joong Ki commented that he had always wanted to visit Sentosa and was happy that he got to play golf in Sentosa that morning. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he shared that he got to satisfy his black pepper and chilli crab cravings the night before. 

On Reborn Rich

Song Joong Ki confessed that he never expected such a huge and positive response towards the Viu Original drama ‘Reborn Rich’ as it wasn’t a typical romantic comedy drama. This was the question he directed back to the press and audience as he was indeed curious to find out why they enjoyed ‘Reborn Rich’ so much. 


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Photo By: Viu

He shared that he spent the longest time filming for ‘Reborn Rich’ and the process wasn’t an easy feat. It was challenging for him to play two characters, Jin Do Jun, the character in the present time in the drama timeline, and Yoon Hyun Woo, the character in the past. Although it was not his first time playing two characters in a drama—he took on two roles, Eun-seom and Saya, in his previous drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ too—he still found it difficult as it was confusing playing two roles in the beginning. But he was happy he did it!

Yoon Hyun Woo vs Jin Do Jun

When asked which character he preferred acting as, Song Joong Ki expressed his preference for Yoon Hyun Woo but was sad that he could only act as Yoon Hyun Woo only for two episodes of the drama. He said that he was obsessed with Yoon Hyun Woo so he was happy to express the expressions and emotions of that character. 

Saying YES to the drama

Song Joong Ki’s working relationship with the writer for ‘Reborn Rich’ was one of his deciding factors  to work with her again. They previously worked with each other in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ when they were both rookies in their careers 12 years ago. The similarity they both shared back then strengthened his faith and trust in her script and made him take on the drama which he took pride in. 

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Top: Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Been | Bottom: Jo Han Chul, Kim Shin Rok

Acting with his co-star, veteran actor Lee Sung Min, one of the biggest names in the Korean acting industry, was one of the biggest draws for Song Joong Ki in ‘Reborn Rich’. He had always wanted to work with Lee Sung Min, but even though they almost had the opportunity to work on a project together a decade ago, it ultimately fell through.  He finally had the honour to work with the veteran actor in ‘Reborn Rich’,and Song Joong Ki also said it was one of the main reasons he took on this drama.

His co-stars Shin Hyun Been,  Jo Han Chul, and Kim Shin Rok

Even though ‘Reborn Rich’ was the first project that they met on, Song Joong Ki was not stingy with his compliments for actress Shin Hyun Been, exclaiming that she was incredible. He had previously watched many of her past works and he thought of her as being really brave and sincere. His thoughts about her were right after he met her so he felt that it was an honour for him to be working with her. 

The actor also gave special mention to his co-star Jo Han Chul who acted as his second uncle in ‘Reborn Rich’ as both actors previously worked together in hit drama ‘Vincenzo’. He also emphasised that he loved Jo Han Chul so much so he was honoured to work on their second project together. Song Joong Ki went on to reveal that he will be working again with Jo Han Chul for the third time soon!

Another co-star Song Joong Ki couldn’t miss out was veteran actress Kim Shin Rok. He shared that he was always nervous but excited to act in the same scene with her. He continued to explain how he learnt a lot from her and it was his honour to have worked with her as well as with the rest of the cast in this drama.  

On filming in Türkiye

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Photo By: Viu

Before answering the question about his overseas filming, Song Joong Ki carefully mentioned that Turkey had a new name Türkiye. (What a sweet guy!) He gushed on how all the people in Türkiye were so kind and that the shoot in Türkiye added good quality to the variety of scenes in this drama. He was able to express his character Yoon Hyun Woo’s voice and emotions of being isolated and conflicted better. 

Most Memorable Scenes from ‘Reborn Rich’

Song Joong Ki jokingly skipped the question about his most memorable scenes from the show at the beginning but later revealed that his most memorable scene was related to his grandfather in the drama. 

He went on to share that the second most memorable scene was the ending scene in Türkiye where he was at the edge of the cliff. He loved Hyun Woo’s last look on his face when Hyun Woo knew that his life would be taken soon.  

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The actor eventually revealed that his favourite moment will be in episode 12 and 13 of ‘Reborn Rich’. 

What to look forward to in the second half of ‘Reborn Rich’

Song Joong Ki jokingly said that he couldn’t give spoilers since he respected Viu’s opinion but proceeded to share what would happen to his character Do Jun in the second half of the series. 

“Dojun will run into problems related to family and Mr Lee, my grandfather. They will make (things) more complicated for Dojun. I will not spoil anymore.” 

Interesting reviews he personally heard or read

When asked about what some interesting reviews he heard about ‘Reborn Rich’ are, Song Joong Ki said that his middle school friend would have bought stocks from Google a few years ago if he had the ability to know what happens in the future just like the character Jin Do Jun

He also read a comment on Youtube saying that many people could learn more about the Korean history related to the story (Note: Actual historical events and people were not acted out in the drama but they were replaced with similar names.).

The final review that he loved and was very satisfied with was “Song Joong Ki is handsome.”

“Money is not the number one thing.” 

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Song Joong Ki confessed that he doesn’t want to reincarnate into a rich family when asked what he would do with the money if he was like Jin Do Jun. He learnt from filming this drama that a huge amount of money would create family conflicts and he hates that. He emphasised that money is not the most important thing as much as humans like it. To end off his answer to the difficult question, he answered, “I like myself.”

“I’m just an ordinary student.”

Having attended an all-boys middle and high school, Song Joong Ki shared that he only met female students when he attended university so he wasn’t sure about his reputation during his school days. He said, “I was not like Do Jun. I am just ordinary. Just a silent, boring student.” 

Reborn Rich is now streaming on Viu, with new episodes every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (same day as Korea).

We would like to thank Viu Singapore for the media invite to the Viu Original Reborn Rich Press Conference in Singapore. 

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