We’re A’ddict-ed to Hwang Min Hyun’s Perfumes

What’s your favourite perfume brand?

You may have seen our Reels on Instagram about our visit to the A’ddict pop-up store in Seongsu




After seeing that Hwang Min Hyun was the ambassador for A’ddict Fragrances, we just had to check out the brand! 

A’ddict stocks two types of perfume – solid perfume (which has a texture that resembles hand cream) as well as a water-based perfume (eau de parfum). All of their perfumes do not include alcohol so they’re safe even for people with sensitive skin.




One of the things that A’ddict promotes is to “make your own unique fragrance”, where you mix & match a solid perfume with another eau de parfum to create your own fragrance. So other than testing all the different fragrances (including those not in Singapore yet!), a staff member at the pop-up store also showed us how to layer different perfumes to get a more “personalised” scent! It was really interesting to smell both scents separately, and then together.

For a hint of which perfumes would go well when mixed, check out the numbers on the labels as they represent the fragrance notes in the perfume! 

So, which perfumes did we end up with? We went with Hwang Min Hyun’s picks of course! 


A'ddict Eau De Parfum


For the solid perfume, it’s Sandalwood 201 (not pictured) and for the Eau De Parfum, we got the Void Wood and Eat the Peach.

Eat the Peach includes fragrance notes 201 so it goes well when blending with Sandalwood (201)! The more earthy scent in Sandalwood really complements the sweeter scent of Eat The Peach. Void Wood has a more smoky scent for those of you who don’t really like sweet-smelling perfume. If you like citrus scents, stay tuned for the upcoming Peel the Bergamot fragrance which will be available globally soon! 

Unfortunately, A’ddict doesn’t have a physical store in Singapore, but you can always get your perfumes online via their Singapore brand store or via Shopee.

For those of you who’ve tried out the fragrances, what’s your favourite?

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  • July 26, 2022 at 2:54 PM

    sandalwood and eat the peach !


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