(x)clusive!: StarHub Night of Stars 2019 – Press Conference with Sung Hoon

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StarHub Night of Stars is set to make its return this November. Held for the first time in 2018, the second edition aims to be the biggest entertainment event in Singapore of 2019, featuring a star-studded line-up of top celebrities from China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan.

In the lead-up to the main event, Korean heartthrob Sung Hoon – also well-known as one of the fixed cast on hit reality show ‘I Live Alone’ – is here in sunny Singapore to kickstart the first of many meet-and-greet sessions that are aimed to bring fans closer to their favourite celebrities. ‘I Live Alone’ has been nominated for Favorite Variety Show at the StarHub Night of Stars 2019.

I Live Alone

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I Live Alone’ is Sung Hoon’s first experience as a fixed member on a variety show. During his first meeting with the ‘I Live Alone’ team, he shared with them that showing a certain scripted image on the show is not something he wanted to do, which they agreed as they wanted the actor to show his genuine side. As such, the whole ‘I Live Alone’ filming experience was really comfortable for Sung Hoon despite having cameras in his house as he did not need to pretend or uphold a certain image.

Even though each cast members’ unique personality, the non-scripted content, and genuine, honest side of the casts are reasons that make ‘I Live Alone’ fun, Sung Hoon also attributed the success of ‘I Live Alone’ to Henry Lau due to his immense popularity in Asia.

Of all the different celebrities’ lifestyles on ‘I Live Alone’, there isn’t one that he would like to follow as “I’ve never wanted to copy anyone’s lifestyle. Because I put a lot of attention with regard to how I live, I’m slightly more normal in terms of my lifestyle. But if you asked me to choose someone who has a similar lifestyle, I would choose Kian84.”


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This is not Sung Hoon’s first trip to our sunny isle. Previously, he was here in Singapore for a fashion show, photoshoot, and filming for ‘I Live Alone’. Despite the multiple visits, he confessed that his memories of Singapore are all work related and his itinerary will always be arrival at the airport, heading to the hotel, heading for work, and then back to the airport. This trip is no different. However, this time around he gets to meet his fans at an open meet-and-greet session instead of just work, work, and more work.

His fondest memory out of all his trips to Singapore was when he had the opportunity to try cable skiing during the filming of ‘I Live Alone’ as he really had fun and enjoyed the sport. He admitted that he would like to relive the experience again should his tight schedule allows.

Mukbang Channel?

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When fans think of Sung Hoon, his huge appetite often comes to mind. Fans might have hoped for him to start a mukbang (eating broadcast) channel, and Sung Hoon is no doubt considering that option. “It is definitely something we are thinking about now. It wouldn’t just be a mukbang channel, but more of a lifestyle one. To show how I live, to give better content to my fans, and to communicate with them. I don’t think it’s something that will happen immediately, but we’re thinking about it.”


Curious to know what’s on Sung Hoon’s playlist? He shared that there isn’t a specific genre that he particularly likes. However, if there is one genre that he doesn’t listen to, it’s hip-hop. But for EDM, pop, and other Korean music genres, he usually puts them on shuffle and listens to whatever comes on.

On whether he will consider singing or releasing a song? His answer is an “Absolutely Not!” and explained, “On ‘I Live Alone’, I was depicted to be slightly funny and silly in terms of the song that I did. But the reason why I put out that album was not to make money off it. I wanted to have fun with my fans through the album. We can sing together and it’s a great communication process. In future, if I feel the need to sing with my fans to have fun, then maybe I would consider it. But absolutely not at the moment.”. He even reinforced his answer with “I’m not a singer!”.


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Sung Hoon also goes by the name of DJ Roiii. When asked if he would consider starring in a drama related to a DJ, Sung Hoon is open to the option. “If the script is well-made and the drama is really fun, then I would want to try it. But I don’t know if a drama relating to a DJ is going to be fun for the viewers. It would be a factor that I have to consider.”

Having mostly taken on roles that portray him as a rich and handsome businessman, if Sung Hoon was a CEO in reality, the first on his to-buy list is a private jet. “I’ve never been that rich, and even now, I’m not that rich. The first drama role I had was of a CEO. The ratings were good and the drama gained a lot of popularity. Maybe that’s the reason why I keep getting cast in similar roles.  If I become really rich now, the first thing I want to get is a private jet so I can fly around with my dog, Yang Hee. Now, Yang Hee can’t go into a cage (due to her fear of confined spaces) so she can’t fly here with me. I want a private jet so we can fly around and travel together. If Yang Hee could take a plane, I would have brought her here. But if I took a private jet (to Singapore), how much of my fees do I need to sacrifice?”

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StarHub Night of Stars 2019 will return on 24th November 2019 (Sunday). For more information, do head over to www.starhub.com/night-of-stars.

Don’t forget to tune in to Oh!K (StarHub channel 816) to catch Sung Hoon in action on ‘I Live Alone’. A special weekend marathon will be aired throughout the month of October, every Saturday at 10.50PM. New episodes of ‘I Live Alone’ is also available every Sunday, 10.50PM on Oh!K (StarHub channel 816).

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