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Julie Tan
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Following the success from last year’s ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’, tvN Asia is bringing their viewers a renewed version via a second season. This time around, you will not only get to learn the hottest and trendiest beauty and wellness tips on ‘Get It Beauty On The Road S2’, but also have a more in-depth understanding of how to adapt K-beauty trends to suit Singaporeans.

Adapting the winning format of the popular Korean beauty programme, ‘Get It Beauty’, ‘Get It Beauty On The Road S2’ will feature Korean beauty and fitness influencer Kim Jungmin, local actress Julie Tan, and K-beauty extraordinaire Kim Kisoo as the hosts. Blending in local influences, the trio will be bringing the traditional studio show to sunny Singapore, while taking care of the viewers’ needs from inside-out; with Jungmin offering health and wellness tips, Kisoo as your go-to make-up master, and Julie as the local beauty insider to unveil Singaporeans’ problems.

Local starlet Julie Tan shares with (x)clusive her beauty tips, skincare routine, and reasons why you should catch ‘Get It Beauty On The Road S2’ through an email interview.

Julie’s Beauty Tips

Julie Tan 01

It is a known fact that Singaporeans love travelling during the fall and winter season, and with the change in climate, our skin also becomes sensitive or dry. Julie shares that she usually uses a hydrating moisturizer and cold cream before putting on her make-up as it helps to lock in the moisture. In addition, putting on a hydrating sleep mask before bed is highly recommended.

Another concern many Singaporeans face due to our weather is definitely enlarged pores. For this, Julie’s pore-care tip includes using a facial scrub once a week to exfoliate and going for a facial once a month if possible. She emphasized to never extract black heads on our own as without the proper technique, the end results will be scars and enlarged pores, which are both something to be avoided.

To Julie, facial masks are a skincare necessity she can’t live without, since they provide the hydration and brightening her skin needs. She also shared a tip – after using your facial mask, put it on the neck first before throwing it away since you can double it up as a neck mask.

Many of us have probably fallen asleep with our make-up on before, and to Julie, it is totally unacceptable. She makes it a point to remove her make-up no matter how tired she is and to at least put on a hydrating sleep mask before heading to bed.

Julie Tan 02

Curious as to what Julie’s skincare routine is like to maintain her flawless complexion? Here’s what she shared:

Morning routine:

Step 1: Wash her face with cleanser
Step 2: Apply toner, vitamin c, moisturizer, and sunblock
Step 3: Apply make-up
Step 4: Drink a glass of warm water to kick-start her day

Night routine:

Step 1: Cleansing oil to remove make-up
Step 2: Facial wipes for further cleansing
Step 3: Facial wash to remove all remaining residue
Step 4: Apply toner, put on mask for 15mins
Step 5: Use a facial roller for better mineral absorption into the skin
Sounds easy and straightforward enough! Raise your hand if you are going to adopt Julie’s morning and night routine from now on!

Kim Jungmin and Kim Kisoo

(from left) Kim Ki-soo, Kim Jung-min and Julie Tan on set of Get It Beauty On The Road in Singapore S2_1

Having seen the great chemistry between the three hosts, one cannot help but be curious if there were any memorable moments that happened off-set.

Working with well-known beauty creator Kim Kisoo, Julie confessed that she received a precious make-up tip from him. She shared how Kisoo noticed that the actress have been applying her blusher in a way that is not suitable for her facial structure. As such, advised her to put it from her side hairline to her mid-cheek bone to enhance her facial features better.

It was during a lunch setting that Julie learnt something interesting from co-host Kim Jungmin, something not beauty and wellness related – how to eat cup noodles the Korean way. Usually once the cup noodles are ready, one will open and throw away the lid almost immediately. However, Jungmin taught Julie to fold the lid up into a cone and use it as a bowl; a method that will come in handy if one does not have access to tableware or just does not want to wash an extra bowl or plate.

Season 2

(from left) Kim Ki-soo, Kim Jung-min and Julie Tan on set of Get It Beauty On The Road in Singapore S2_2

Get It Beauty On The Road S2’ does not only include segments that are familiar to ‘Get It Beauty’ fans, including Get It Do It (showcasing make-overs), Talking Mirror (featuring guests’ beauty and wellness secrets), What’s In Your Bag (checking out what’s inside the handbags of locals and their must-have items), and Blind Test (providing the most credible product evaluation and ranking), but also a new segment Get It Solved (giving practical solutions and on-point tutorials to beauty problems).

Get It Beauty On The Road’ answers every woman’s pressing beauty and wellness questions by adapting K-beauty trends to suit the Singaporean audience. In addition to make-up how-tos, the audience will also receive practical tips directly from the hosts.

Quoting Julie, “Firstly, you will get to learn many beauty tips which are not commonly used in Singapore. Secondly, you will (get to) know the latest Korean beauty trends. Thirdly, there’s me! Hahahaaa…”. If that are not strong enough reasons for you to catch ‘Get It Beauty On The Road S2’, we don’t know what are!

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones! It’s never too late to start on your beauty journey! ‘Get It Beauty On The Road S2’ will premiere on tvN Asia on 29th October 2019 (every Tuesday) at 7PM (GMT+8).

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