(x)clusive!: Kang Daniel ‘Color On Me’ Fan Meeting in Singapore

Kang Daniel
Text By: Liqing | Photos By: UnUsUaL Entertainment

Kang Daniel flooded the Singapore Indoor Stadium with colour on a blistering hot Friday night, and thankfully it was air-conditioned. At the press conference the day before, Daniel expressed his wishes for fans to wear pink to the concert to represent passion; thousands of fans showed up in various shades of pink, and filled the stadium with burning excitement.

Kang Daniel 02

A few firsts were broken, as Daniel officially became the first ever K-pop idol to have held a fan meeting at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and possibly the only K-pop idol to have tried durian for the first time while on stage. Holding onto a stuffed durian that the emcee handed to him earlier, Daniel nonchalantly agreed when the emcee asked if he would be willing to try the king of fruits. To everyone’s surprise, the smell didn’t cause him any alarm; the brave singer calmly said,Smells like fish, before picking up a piece and taking a bite. When asked to rate the taste on a scale of “Shiok, Ok lah, or Walao-eh”, Daniel cutely replied Ok lah in a rather accurate intonation.

Kang Daniel 05

The theme of colour was vividly expressed throughout the entire fan meeting; bright colourful LED displays, stage sparklers and confetti, exciting music, and of course the different colours of Daniel himself. He performed every track off his latest mini-album ‘Color on Me’, for which he participated in writing the lyrics for all the tracks except the intro. Fans that night were also treated to the very first live performance of ‘Horizon’; it had not even been revealed in Korea then.

Kang Daniel 04

A fan meeting would not be a fan meeting without idols playing games and doing forfeits right? The games started off with Daniel trying food from mysterious boxes and expressing the taste with a dance; fans would have to guess A or B and if they guessed wrong, Daniel would have to do a forfeit. Initially, fans were accurate in their guesses, until the emcee pointed out that guessing correctly meant there would be no forfeit for Daniel. That started off the roll of forfeits, as fans deliberately guessed incorrectly in exchange for more eye candy like the ‘rolex dance’ and the sexy ‘level-up dance’. In the ‘Daniel’s Gift’ segment, fans also got to see him shyly revealing his collarbone and his adorable boyfriend poses for pictures.

Kang Daniel 06

It was then Daniel’s turn to receive gifts, as a surprise video with highlights of his journey to becoming a singer and a touching message from fans was played on screen to the instrumental of Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’. He was visibly choked up as he dabbed at his eyes with his finger, and as the video ended, he was greeted with a beautiful sea of colourful banners that read “YOU COLOR MY LIFE/YOU MAKE ME SMILE”. He thanked the fans and even gave a message in English, I always thank you for supporting me, cheering me (on). Maybe next time, you Singapore guys, come to South Korea (laughs) and have fun at my concert, not fan meeting. How about that? It’s cool? Thank you… and love and peace (laughs).

Kang Daniel 08

The fan meeting drew near to the end as Daniel surprised fans with a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’, adding his own colour and vibe to the well-known song. The build-up to the encore stage was no less spectacular as the LED screens flashed “You want something more?/MAKE SOME NOISE!” along with an exciting beat. Daniel returned to the stage in a white t-shirt and jeans, performing the song ‘I HOPE’, which was perfect as it was a song written as a reply to letters Daniel received from his loving fans. He also made sure to wave goodbye to fans in all directions before heading backstage.

Kang Daniel 03

The title of the fan meeting couldn’t be more fitting as it was an hour and a half filled with colour, passion, youth, excitement, and we can’t wait to see more from Daniel in his journey as a singer-songwriter.

Thank you UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation!

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