(x)clusive!: BTOB throws Farewell Party for Fans in Malaysia

Photos By: WE Entertainment & Cube Entertainment

If you think that having a farewell party means there will be lots of tears shed, well, this may just change your mind. Despite this being the last overseas event for BTOB for the time being, it was anything but a sad one. BTOB’s fan meeting in Malaysia last Sunday (16th December) had Melodies rolling in laughter throughout the two-hour event.

Bringing the laughs

Staying true to their label as ‘beagle-dols’ (idols that behave like energetic, noisy, and playful beagles), BTOB didn’t just goof off on stage among themselves, they made sure the emcee and fans in attendance were in on the fun as well. Hani, a deejay from Malaysian radio station ERA, taught the members some slang phrases used in Malaysia, such as “lek lu (calm down)” and “cepat sikit (hurry up)”, and they were repeated throughout the entire fan meeting.


The first segment of the show, ‘Melody’s Wish’, featured the members granting the wishes of a number of fans. The first fan request was one for a dance battle between Changsub and Sungjae, which ended with hilarious results as they danced to fellow member Ilhoon’s solo single, ‘Big Wave’. The emcee for the event was also dragged into a mini dance tutorial for ‘Big Wave’ on stage.


The game that followed pit Melodies against BTOB to see who would be able to guess the correct song title after only listening to one second of each track, and the members showed how eager they were to win. In response to the emcee’s question of who knows BTOB’s songs better, Hyunsik, who composed most of the group’s title tracks, including ‘Missing You’ and ‘Beautiful Pain’, said with a big smile, “These are our songs. We made them! We will win Melodies.”


Sungjae, the youngest (and admittedly, the most hyperactive) member, was the fastest to guess one particular song, and jokingly demanded, “Give me a present!” as he stomped across the stage.

Taking things serious

In between the games on stage, BTOB shed their playful antics to deliver vocally and emotionally powerful performances of their hit ballads, ‘Missing You’, ‘Beautiful Pain’, and ‘It’s Okay’. For the first time ever, they also performed ‘Climax’, a song composed by current leader Minhyuk, also a track from their latest special album, ‘HOUR MOMENT’.


They also didn’t forget to throw in some of their more upbeat numbers, ‘Only One For Me’, ‘Movie’, and ‘Blowin’ Up’, which had the crowd waving their blue light sticks excitedly.

As the fan meeting ended, each member took turns to thank the fans with their own messages. Changsub, who will be enlisting in early January 2019, said, “I’m really happy to be able to return to Malaysia to meet everyone. Until we meet again, stay healthy. I will return (from the army) safely.”


Minhyuk also said, “Thank you for the warm welcome. We won’t be able to see each other for a while, but during the time we are apart, let’s get more handsome and pretty. Then, we will meet each other again, better than ever.”


Following the farewells, BTOB ended the night with ‘Finale (Our Concert)’, a rousing song that not only showcased their vocal prowess, showmanship, but also their love for the fans.

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