(x)clusive!: Wok The World with Nichkhun

Wok The World - Nichkhun
Video/Text By: Marsha | Photo By: Wanling

Having been invited to go behind-the-scenes of the filming of tvN’s latest original production (in partnership with Viu), Wok The World, to watch K-pop heartthrob Nichkhun of 2PM in action, we arrived early at Equarius Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa, our hearts filled with excitement and anticipation at what would be, or rather, would have been an eye-opening afternoon ahead.

However, a long wait ensued before we were told by the local organisers at the very last minute that the Korean team did not want any disruptions during the filming of the variety show, and as such, we were unfortunately no longer allowed to do any behind-the-scenes coverage. Just like the rainy afternoon, our spirits were dampened by not being able to capture any exclusives for our audience. And so began our two-hour long wait at the hotel lobby with other media entities for the group interview session later in the afternoon.

What seemed like an endless wait was finally brought to an end when we were shown the way to the interview venue at one of the beautiful villas, which we must say had a splendid view! Once we all had our cameras set up and were settled down and ready for the interview to begin, the 30-year-old American-Thai 2PM member entered the room looking absolutely dapper. With a broad smile, Nichkhun easily made our disappointment and the long hours of wait disappear into thin air by greeting us with a bright “Hello!”

Nichkhun’s friendly and positive vibes quickly spread throughout the room as he candidly answered a variety of questions from the media. As Wok The World focuses on the culinary quest of two chefs, most of the questions were based on food, cooking, and eating, of course!

Find out what Nichkhun’s favourite Thai food is and the kind of food he would serve if he had his own restaurant by clicking the play button on our video below!

Wok The World
Premieres 26th November 2018, 10.30PM on tvN in Asia and Viu Singapore

Nichkhun will be appearing on Wok The World along with Michelin 3-starred chef, Alvin Leung, and his apprentice, MasterChef Canada Season 1 winner, Eric Chong. Follow Alvin and Eric as they embark on a quest across the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, to bring Chinese culinary traditions to a new level by transforming celebrated traditional Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines into new masterful gastronomic creations.

Wok The World will premiere on tvN in Asia and Viu Singapore from 26th November 2018, every Monday, at 10.30PM (GMT+8).

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