(x)clusive: Interview with ‘The Guest’ Kim Jae Wook


Remember the crazy psychopath Mo Tae Gu in the drama Voice? Or the heart-throb waiter Noh Sun Gi in charge of making waffles in “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”?

Model-turned-actor Kim Jae Wook has been playing an array of roles from different walks of life, throughout his acting career in dramas and on the silver screen. The charismatic actor recently returned to the small screen as Choi Yoon, a Catholic exorcism priest, who works with a psychic and a detective in OCN’s latest supernatural thriller series “The Guest”.

Drama Synopsis

The Guest” tells the story of a psychic Yoon Hwa Pyung (played by Kim Dong Wook), a Catholic exorcism priest Choi Yoon, and a detective Kang Gil Young (played by Jung Eun Chae) chasing after the superior spirit Sohn, in attempt to put a stop to a series of bizarre crimes committed by victims possessed by evil spirits. However, their chase isn’t a smooth-sailing one, as the characters take turns to fight their individual battles against the powerful force.

(x)clusive managed to clinch a short email interview with Kim Jae Wook where the actor shared his reason behind taking up this new role, how he prepared for it and why you should watch the show!

Why “The Guest”?


Kim Jae Wook shared that the refreshing concept of exorcism and shamanism in the drama script held was the most important factor in influencing his decision to take up his role in The Guest.

“I could already picture the drama being an interesting and fresh one. Therefore, I decided to take on the role,” answered Kim Jae Wook.

Preparation for the role


Since the themes “exorcism” and “shamanism” are not commonly explored in dramas, there was a lot to prepare for his role, as Kim Jae Wook shared;

“Before filming began, I had to conduct my own research on the life of a priest and how exorcism rituals were being carried out.

I received a lot of help from the director himself. He provided me with a great deal of support – from sharing of rare data to arranging a meeting with an actual exorcist priest to ensure that I could prepare for my character well.”

If I had psychic abilities…


Alongside with Kim Jae Wook, co-star Kim Dong Wook plays the role of a psychic who was born into a family of shamans. His character Yoon Hwa Pyung possesses the ability able to foresee what happens at a crime scene before it happens in the drama “The Guest”.

If he could have a psychic ability, Kim Jae Wook revealed that he would like to influence people in a positive manner, in consideration of the dangerous nature of the psychic ability to see evil spirits.

3 Reasons why ‘The Guest’ is a must-watch?

Kim Jae Wook’s Reason #1:


This is the first of its kind South Korean drama based on the theme on exorcism.”

Reason #2:


“Watch the intense acting of the different “possessed” individuals in each episode!”

Reason #3:


“The audience can enjoy the development of the story line surrounding the theme on exorcism through this drama.”


How to catch the drama?

Feeling intrigued and interested in the drama after reading our interview with Kim Jae Wook? You can catch the latest episodes of The Guest on viu.com or on the Viu app every Thursday and Friday, as fast as 12 hours after Korea’s telecast!

Here are some extra tips for you to enjoy the show:

  1. Watch it whenever you’re comfortable (Preferably not in the wee hours… you are warned).
  2. Don’t overthink about the imagery that you’ve seen – they are acted by humans after all!
    (Check out the hilarious behind-the-scenes
    clips to cut yourself some slack!)
  3. Instead, focus on the portrayal of the characters and development of each character throughout the show, and fall in love with the story (and the handsome actors, too!)

Don’t miss out on the final 4 episodes of The Guest as the show comes to an end in two weeks!

Check out some behind the scenes stills below.





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