(x)clusive!: A Beautiful Night with MONSTA X at their ‘The Connect’ World Tour in Hong Kong


Charismatic performances, check! Special unit stages, check! Fan event, check!

This is not MONSTA X’s first full-fledged concert in Hong Kong, but every single time, they manage to captivate the audience with their charming performances and powerful choreography!


The three-hour long concert kicked-off with an opening video, followed by MONSTA X – this time around in full attendance with  Shownu, Jooheon, Wonho, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and I.M. –  performing to ‘Jealousy’, their latest comeback title track. They then continued with ‘Be Quiet’ and ‘Beautiful’ before greeting Hong Kong MONBEBEs. It was evident that all members put in a lot of effort in learning the language as they tried to complete their ment segment in purely Cantonese, instead of Mandarin. To that, kudos for their effort!

The members not only put up exciting sub-unit stages as promised, they also showed off their beatboxing talent, which resulted in MONBEBEs screaming for more! Jooheon rapped his love for Hong Kong and Hyungwon did a short freestyle dance that was inspired by the shrimps he ate the night before.


The night concluded with fan favourites, including ‘Dramarama‘, ‘RUSH‘, and of course their official debut track, ‘Trespass‘.

And in case you are missing the boys of MONSTA X, check out our coverage of their public appearance at Plaza Hollywood for their 2018 MONSTA X ‘The Connect’ World Tour in Hong Kong press conference.

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