(x)clusive!: TWICE’s a charm at their Fantasy Park in Singapore

It was more than just a sweet treat for Singaporean ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom name) to see girl group TWICE at the Singapore leg of their second concert tour “Fantasy Park” last Sunday.

Photos By: ONE Production

The 8500-strong crowd were treated to approximately two and a half hours of fan interaction and live performances, including TWICE’s hit songs, side tracks from past albums, as well as covers of famous K-Pop hits by other singers. We split up the concert highlights in the characters of the group’s name: T W I C E.

Twice the glamour


Upgrading to a venue twice the size of their first sold-out concert at The Star Theatre last year, the stage production was also more intricate and larger-scaled than before. With a two-pronged stage extending to right in front of the terrace seats, the members mesmerized the fans as they roamed the stadium freely in their beautiful outfits, giving cute fan service.

Well-prepared stages and videos


There was never a dull moment with exciting stages and fun interim videos to keep the fans entertained throughout. From feature videos showcasing the girls in a fairy-like ethereal setting, to funny videos of the members playing games, there was simply no time to look away!

Intimate interaction with fans

Deviating from the usual dance formations and set stages, the TWICE members said that they have specially prepared their performances for the extended stage, in order to be closer to the fans.

Fans were not only treated to fan service, but even had their “OTP” (member pairing) requests fulfilled by the members, with 2Yeon (Nayeon and Jeongyeon) shooting hearts to each other, and Momo with Sana hugging each other tightly during the encore stage!

Covers of K-pop hit songs

… have never looked so adorable until they were done by the TWICE members! Starting off the special stage as a group with their rendition of BoA’s ‘Valenti’, Dahyun’s ‘Dahyunism’ (Rain’s Rainism), Nayeon and Jeongyeon’s ‘My Ear Candy’ (originally by Baek Jiyoung & Taecyeon), and the female version of WINNER’s ‘Really Really’ were some of the most memorable performances of the night.

The girls also showed off their versatility dancing to hit songs like Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavour’, Momoland’s ‘Bboom Bboom’, Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’, and even the adorable Baby Shark song during the interim video, as they invited fans to cheer along with them.

Ending the night with a promise


The girls thanked Singapore ONCEs for their continuous love and support, despite the distance and language barrier.

“Since we are so far away, I know it’s not easy for you guys to see us, so thank you very much! Last year we weren’t able to see so many of you, but I’m really thankful to see old and new faces today. We’ll see you next year too if we have our concert, right?” Jihyo started off the ending speech, with slightly teary eyes.

“I just thought about it now, that we should update our SNS more often to show you more of our lives,” Chaeyoung added.

Taiwanese member Tzuyu also spoke in Mandarin, promising to return soon. “Please wait a bit more… We will see you again soon!”

A big thank you to ONE Production for extending the concert invite.

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