(x)clusive!: Exclusive Interview with MXM – Of Alpaca and… Buffalo

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Are there any pressing questions you have for MXM’s Lim Youngmin and Kim Donghyun? You might have to wait till the Match Up Fanmeeting in Singapore to find out more secrets the two boys are keeping, but fret not, tickets are still available via APACtix, and you can find more information about the fanmeeting (and open press conference!) right HERE!

Meanwhile, (x)clusive had the chance to acquire some exclusive tidbits for MXM fans through an email interview with the the boys themselves! Without further ado, let’s get to them.

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MXM has been showcasing a lovely range of genres with their music, from the pop tune ‘I’m The One’, to the upbeat ‘Diamond Girl’, then to the ballad ‘Gone Cold’, and more. They are gradually widening their range but they have never failed to impress with their good music so far. Donghyun, who has been trying his hand at composing and producing, says that he gets his inspiration from movies, television dramas, and poems. He adds that he wants to try many different sounds in the future, and not just be bound to one genre. Well, we certainly can’t wait to hear more from him!

Besides giving us amazing music, Donghyun did pretty well in acting too! His recent feature in Lee Kang’s ‘In Vain’ music video definitely has us wondering just how all-rounded Donghyun is, and his answer to whether acting is also one of the things he is interested in? “Yes!” Donghyun says he is very interested in it, and he wants to explore more in the future. He is also open to try any roles!

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MXM fans who have been following their live appearances and videos will know that Donghyun came up with a nickname for Youngmin, and Youngmin also thought of one for Donghyun—which he didn’t really like. Naturally, we had to ask them about these fun nicknames.

Youngmin has quite a few nicknames: Alpaca, Bbangmin, God Zero. We asked Donghyun which one he thinks is the most fitting for Youngmin and this is what he has to say: “Of course [it’s] ‘Alpaca’!” Of course—but here’s what: Donghyun is the one who actually coined that nickname for Youngmin in the first place! And as for why ‘Alpaca’ fits Youngmin most, Donghyun says, “That was where it all started.” Aww, it’s definitely sentimental now since it has stuck for such a long time and so many fans are calling him that too.

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Since Donghyun calls Youngmin ‘Alpaca’, we also know that Youngmin once tried calling Donghyun ‘Buffalo’ in one of their live videos. Donghyun didn’t take well to it then, so we were wondering if Youngmin has other names he would like for him. Here’s what Youngmin has to say: “I personally prefer ‘Buffalo’.” Sorry Donghyun, you might have to put up with that since Youngmin somehow really likes it! But here’s some consolation; Youngmin says that he would choose ‘Naengdong’ over ‘Buffalo’ as a nickname for him because Donghyun likes that more. Someone get Youngmin a most considerate hyung award!

Here’s a fun fact about Youngmin that a lot of people have yet to find out: Youngmin lived in Singapore when he was really young! We wanted to know more about Youngmin’s time in Singapore, but he says that because he was so young back then, he doesn’t remember much, unfortunately. “That is why I’m more excited to go back!” Well, Youngmin, we’re also excited for you to come to Singapore!

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Lastly, MXM is heading down to our sunny shores really soon, and they say that it’s really exciting for them to finally get to see their fans here and have a wonderful time with everyone. In MXM’s words, “Be ready for it, everyone!” So get those tickets now to see your favourite alpaca and buffalo!

Stay with (x)clusive as well as we bring you exclusive updates on MXM’s ‘Match Up’ Fan Meeting in Singapore!

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