(x)clusive!: Exclusive Interview with IN2IT

IN2IT Interview

Having reached the interview venue ahead of time, we managed to see a friendly side of IN2IT – consisting of members Yoo Jiahn, Jung Yeontae, Hwang Inho, Han Hyunuk, Isaac Voo, Lee Inpyo, Kim Jinsub, and Kim Sunghyun – when they arrived.

Greeting everyone in sight with a bright “Annyeonghaseyo!” and a 90 degrees bow, we were impressed by their politeness and good vibes that made them so easily approachable. On top of that, they welcomed us so enthusiastically even though we were probably still a good 10 metres away then. The boys were also diligently cramming the questions before the series of media interviews as they shuffled from room to room, and that was really encouraging to see.

(x)clusive managed to sit down with IN2IT for a really short, yet exclusive interview hours before their showcase and we were instantly charmed by how energetic, playful, and simply uncontrollable they were. It was also obvious how close the members were from the way they constantly made small jabs at each other.

If you want to know which member is the constant ‘victim’ of their pranks and receive an early Valentine’s Day greeting from Hyunuk, then click on that play button in our video below.

One thing’s to be sure – true to the title of their debut track – IN2IT is nothing short of ‘Amazing’ and we would love to have a chance to chat with these ‘Rising Star(s)’ again in the future.

Stay with us as we bring you coverage (including some videos) of IN2IT Asia Showcase Tour ‘Carpe Diem’ in Singapore.

A big thank you to Fast Track Events for extending the interview invite.

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