(x)clusive!: Exclusive Interview with JBJ


True to their group name, which stands for “Just Be Joyful”, the interview room was instantly filled with laughter the moment JBJ – consisting of members Roh Taehyun, Takada Kenta, Kim Sanggyun, Jin Longguo, Kwon Hyunbin, and Kim Donghan – walked in. Playful hits and small jabs whenever one makes a small joke, JBJ’s interaction reminds us of our classmates in high school.

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(x)clusive managed to sit down with JBJ for a short, yet exclusive interview the day before their fan meeting and we were instantly charmed by their cheerful vibes, not to mention how good they actually looked up close.

If you want to know what to expect from JBJ’s 2nd mini album, their upcoming first concert, and which variety shows they would like to be on, then click that play button in our video below.

Stay with us as we bring you our coverage of JBJ’s 1st Asia Fan Meeting ‘Come True’ Tour in Singapore.

A big thank you to IME Singapore for extending the interview invite.

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