(x)clusive!: Trust Me, Here’s 5 Highlights for 2018 Wild Kard Tour in Singapore


Co-ed group KARD, consisting of members Jiwoo, Somin, Jseph, and BM, landed on our shores for their 2018 WILD KARD Tour in Asia last Sunday! Getting the crowd up and jumping in the full-standing fan meeting as they performed their hit tracks, solos, and answered fan queries,  here’s (x)clusive’s top five highlights if you are missing the quartet and want to relive the amazing night.

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Non-stop tropical house hits

No doubt, a major highlight of the evening had got to be the performances. KARD’s unique identity in the Korean pop industry isn’t just about having both male and female vocals; the group also put out several tropical house-influenced titles that are downright jam-worthy and catchy. From ‘Oh NaNa’, ‘Don’t Recall’ to ‘Hola Hola’, a series of hits was performed. The mosh pit turned into a major sing-along session, complete with fanchants. There was no doubt Hidden KARDs had a good time as they danced to KARD’s fun performances time and time again.

Of course, KARD also performed to several B-sides and cover songs, including 24K Magic by Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande’s Side to Side, showing their versatility and playful stage antics.

Seen for the first time: solo stages

KARDinSG - Somin1

Being used to performing as a quartet, all four members shared their struggles in creating the perfect stage. Somin who chose Taeyeon’s ‘Fine’ expressed that she wanted to perform as well as she would performing as KARD. Jiwoo showed her enthusiasm to Winner’s ‘Really Really’, and shared a story where she got BM to help out in the male vocals department when recording for the track. As it was one of her favourite songs, Jiwoo was thrilled to perform it in front of the crowd that means the most to her – her fans.

Both Jseph and BM wrote lyrics for their respective performances, putting together the beats and their most honest thoughts for Hidden KARDs. BM even stated that his track was Living Good pt.2, a follow up to the ‘Living Good’ he put up on his soundcloud previously. If you haven’t already, BM have put up this track online, so don’t miss it out.

All four solo stages were done for the first time. While the members showed their worries, the audience’s roaring support put bright smiles on all their faces. Somin added that it’s not every day they get a chance to perform alone, which was a great experience to have.

Ask and you shall receive: the Hidden KARDs’ Q&A

Prior to the fan meeting, fans get to write their questions down on post-its for the group to answer. Right from the beginning as they were deciding on the sequence of choosing questions, the group showed their close chemistry with cute teases. The group was going to decide their order with a game of rock, paper, scissors. However, Jiwoo had piqued about wanting to go first, since her solo performance came up next after the Q&A session. At that, the rest immediately added that all she had to do was to win the game!

And true to behold, Jiwoo did end up winning, much to the group’s surprise. At that, BM immediately added that they didn’t plan for it at all, but if Jiwoo had her wish fulfilled, then the fan meeting will go on as smoothly as they planned. We certainly could not refute that!

KARDinSG - Jseph1

Moving on, the quartet then shared many of their sincere thoughts and stories to fans’ questions, and fulfilled requests as well. The boys took turns to dance to Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’, many thanks to Jiwoo’s selected post-it. Somin reflected on what she would do during her toughest time, stating that she spent time alone drinking coffee and would love to pick up a hobby. “I think it’s great if you have a hobby you are passionate about. I hope I find one soon too,” she said, showing her positivity.

BM described his ideal date with Hidden KARDs in Korea: he would bring them on a tour around DSP, invite them to a recording session and then eat tteokbokki (rice cakes) at the end of the day. To this, Somin, the resident rice cake-lover, agreed readily.

On a serious note: just where do we sign up for this?

Alright, on the real serious note, BM also teased the fans about their upcoming project. Being tight-lipped, he mentioned that it would be lit, sharing his wish to win a music show trophy. Hidden KARDs, what say you?

BM & Jseph’s hilarious stories

From Jseph’s horror story on getting attacked by huge magpies in Australia to BM’s brusque comment on feeling like ‘pooping his pants on the way up and peeing in the pants on the way down’ during their G5 ride here in Singapore, the content just had fans bowing over in both laughter and much sympathy. We simply cannot forget the Jseph’s mimicry of the magpie swopping down on him as he was riding the bike. A painful and terrifying memory indeed!

Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry!

KARDinSG - Jiwoo1

Besides the inter-group chemistry as mentioned in several snippets above, KARD and Hidden KARD’s dynamics were absolutely beautiful. To the audience’s consistently loud cheers of support, the members repeatedly expressed their gratitude, especially in their ending ment.

“I can’t really expressed through words. For you guys to love and support us this much, thank you,” said BM in fluent English; Somin added that it was a fun day, and that they would never forget the precious moment. She also asked fans to keep the memories till they meet again. Jiwoo didn’t forget to ask Hidden KARDs for their continuous love and support, all the while stating that they would try to return for another show as soon as possible.

Last but not least, Jseph commented that the show made it feel like KARD had successfully connected with local fans despite the physical distance of the two countries. “I feel so blessed because without you guys, we wouldn’t be here,” he said with heartfelt sincerity. The words certainly roused applause, as fans voiced out their appreciation for the band’s performance.


The fan meeting felt too short amid laughter and cheers. After the group photo and high-touch sessions, the event had officially come to an end. Still, the group had put their best foot forward and had the crowd jamming throughout, and we sure hope to see their return to our sunny island soon! Should you missed this event, KARD will be stopping by Taipei, Hong Kong and Manila next.

Many thanks to MyMusicTaste for extending the invite!

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