(x)clusive!: ST☆RLIGHTs, May the N be with You this Christmas!

N of VIXX at apm Hong KongPhotos by: Rosie
Text by: Janice

Cha Hakyeon, better known as N from popular male idol group VIXX, was at Hong Kong’s aPM Shopping Mall last Sunday for the opening ceremony of the Star Wars-themed Christmas and charity fansign event.

Alone in Hong Kong without his VIXX members, N thanked Hong Kong ST☆RLIGHTs for their support, which he was really grateful for. He also expressed his wish to return to Hong Kong in the near future with his members, preferable for another concert.

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N wants to spend Christmas with ST☆RLIGHTs (and VIXX)

When asked with regard to the difference between Christmas in Hong Kong and Korea, N shared that it is very similar as it is a nice festival where you can spend with your beloved family and friends. However, his ideal way of spending Christmas is with his fans, and also to have a big feast with other VIXX members. N has also set his new years resolutions; for 2018, N aims to give his best and hope fans would give him all the love and support,  be it as Cha Hakyeon or a member of VIXX.

N of VIXX at apm Hong Kong

At the start of the ceremony, N revealed that his favourite Star Wars’ character is Darth Vader as he finds him very cool whenever he fights. N also played a few interactive games with his fans, and serenaded the audiences with two songs – ‘Without You (니가 없는 난)‘ and ‘Kiss Goodbye‘ (a popular track by mando-pop superstar Wang Leehom).

N has been exercising

N has also been working out a lot in order to stay healthy despite his busy schedule, although he joked that his fans was in disbelieve when he shared that he was indeed exercising. When asked if there was any Chinese artistes he would like to collaborate with, the vocalist of VIXX expressed interest in working with G.E.M (鄧紫棋) again. N, who had been to Hong Kong countless times, said his favourite Hong kong food were Dim Sum, egg tarts, and mango pancake, and he just can’t get enough of those!

N, we are holding onto your promise and hope to see you back in Hong Kong real soon with the other members of VIXX!


Many thanks to  aPM Hong Kong, Opus Two Entertainment Ltd., and Jellyfish Entertainment for extending the invitation.


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