(x)clusive!: Park Seo Jun ‘Guess Who?’ Tour in Singapore: A Guide to Becoming the Nation’s Boyfriend

Text By: Simin | Photos By: UnUsUaL Entertainment

Korean actor and all-round heartthrob Park Seo Jun descended upon our shores last weekend for his first Asia tour. Aside from meeting local fans (as well as tons of foreign fans who flew in from nearby countries like Philippines and Malaysia), he also showed us how he was crowned the “Nation’s Boyfriend” in Korea— we’re more than inclined to call him the same after his strong showing on Saturday! So boys, men, and everyone in between, here’s how you too can be universally loved!

Be able to do a little bit of everything

PARK SEO JOON 2017 (9)

One question we found ourselves asking the whole night during the fan meeting was: is there anything this guy can’t do? We already knew he could act, having proven his romantic and action chops in Fight for My Way and Midnight Runners respectively, and sing, from his forays into OST recording, but did you know he could shoot and cook too?

PARK SEO JOON 2017 (12)

During the games segment with fans, he showed off his archery skills, impressing everyone in the audience when he managed to hit his targets a few times, despite the handicaps given. He also cooked a meal of tomato pasta onstage for two very lucky fans! Words can’t describe how good the amphitheater smelled that night, we were all salivating in our seats!

When asked what Singaporean dish he wanted to learn to cook, he namechecked Pandan cake. What wouldn’t we give to be able to try it some day!

Be your own number one fan

PARK SEO JOON 2017 (1)

Nothing says self-confidence like watching yourself acting on screen and barely reacting (read: cringing). As clips from Fight for My Way and Midnight Runners were shown on screen, Park Seo Jun looked downright pleased watching and listening to the fans screaming their hearts out, especially at the romantic scenes.

In fact, while looking at a picture of himself in uniform in Midnight Runners, he gave himself 500 upon 100 when prompted by the emcee to score himself. As dashing as he looked, we certainly agree with his grading!

Be willing to work hard

PARK SEO JOON 2017 (2)

Reflecting on his stint on Dream High 2, Park Seo Jun said that he’d had to work extra hard at dancing and singing compared to the rest of the cast (many of whom were idols). “I never thought I would sing or dance. What people learned in five minutes, I took five hours,” he said.

Similarly, achieving his cut figure hadn’t been a walk in the park either. “I ate a lot of chicken breast, and when people went out (to drink), I couldn’t join them,” he lamented when pressed for his secret when a clip of him shirtless was played for the receptive audience. We think his hard work definitely paid off though, the way everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen!

“I exercise or drink (alcohol) when I’m sad… But I’m happy today so I’m gonna drink too!”

Be game for everything

PARK SEO JOON 2017 (17)

It’s not easy being on tour and ‘on’ all the time, but despite his gruelling tour schedule, Park Seo Jun was more than enthusiastic all through the night. No matter what the emcees or fans threw at him, he handled it with grace and confidence. He definitely dialled the fanservice up to eleven too—from taking selfies with fans on stage, to recording personal videos for fans, to singing birthday songs and doling out handholds and hugs, he did his best to accommodate every request.

PARK SEO JOON 2017 (16)

Even when he’s asked to reproduce his character Go Dong Man’s legendary aegyo scene in Fight for My Way as punishment for losing the fan game, he did it with little hesitation. We certainly felt blessed that we were able to see it in real life!

The nearly three hour-long fan meet must have been exhausting considering his schedule, but he was the consummate professional, entertaining the audience all the way till the end, and even getting up close and personal during the hi-touch and meet and greet sessions after, showing his appreciation for his fans.

“I’ve been feeling a little down recently, but today has given me strength,” he says at the end of the fan meeting, promising to show more of himself through his work, and to come back to Singapore soon!

A big thank you to UnUsUaL Entertainment for extending the fan meeting invite.

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