(x)clusive!: Highlights of Apink ‘Pink Up’ Asia Tour in Hong Kong

APink in Hong Kong

Apink kicked off their 2017 ‘Pink up’ Asia Tour in Hong Kong on 23rd September (Saturday). Even though the concert was delayed for 90 minutes due to some security concerns, this hold up did not dampen the spirits of Pink Pandas at all. Instead, as soon as the members, Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo, and Oh Hayoung appeared, they were greeted with enthusiastic and passionate cheers.

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Apink Apologizes for the Delay

The concert started with their latest comeback title track ‘FIVE’, followed by a short talk session, where Bomi greeted Pink Pandas in Cantonese with “你好! (Hello!)”, while Namjoo added a cute “好掛住你地! (I missed you all!)”. Chorong then apologized to their beloved fans for the unexpected delay and promised them that they will give their all in return. She also mentioned that this was Apink’s second time in Hong Kong this year and was really excited to be back. (Hong Kong was the final stop for Apink’s 2016 tour so the girls were in Hong Kong in February, but the first stop of their 2017 tour.)

APink in Hong Kong

It’s Chorong’s Third Visit to Hong Kong This Year!

Guess who’s in love with Hong Kong! Leader Chorong confessed that she visited the city a few weeks back with her close friend and shared that she loved the experience as it was her first ‘real’ overseas holiday that was not work related. Chorong also mentioned how she had the chance to explore Hong Kong as a typical tourist and got the chance to try street food.

Thanking Hong Kong Pink Pandas

The girls also expressed how thankful they were for the delicious food prepared by their fans the day before the concert and how Hong Kong Pink Pandas constantly took time and effort to fly to Korea to support them at their concerts and various schedules during their comeback period. Even though they cannot visit them in Hong Kong often, Apink truly appreciates the love given to them since their debut.

APink in Hong Kong

Naeun shows off her ‘New Face’

Responding to requests by excited Pink Pandas, Naeun danced to PSY’s ‘New Face‘, as she was featured in the MV, while the audience sang along. In addition, Naeun was asked to do a catwalk for Pink Pandas as she was invited to the New York Fashion Week earlier this year. All the members then all took turns to strut down the ‘runway‘, earning cheers and screams from Pink Pandas.

Eunji is the ‘Muscle of Busan’

Although Eunji did plead with fans not to upload unglamorous photos of the girls, she wasn’t afraid to show off her strong biceps. (Wonder how many gentlemen out there are looking at those biceps in awe!) The main vocalist was crowned the title ‘Muscle of Busan’ during the fan interaction section where the girls were choosing new nicknames for themselves. There was a board pinned with various nicknames made up by Pink Pandas, and the girls were asked to pick a new nickname for a fellow member for their new self-introductions.

Memorable Fan-organized Events

Pink Pandas in Hong Kong have been famous for their creative yet emotionally touching fan events. When the girls came to Hong Kong earlier this year, the fans prepared events that made the girls tear up. This time, they’ve prepared numerous events once again – all aimed to engrave new memories in Apink’s hearts. From turning on flash lights on their handphones to fill the audience area with ‘stars’ as Apink performed ‘Cause You’re My Star’,  to suddenly whipping out LED roses when the girls started singing ‘Only One’, each and every event was definitely unforgettable for both the fans and Apink. At the end of the concert, the girls were also spotted tearing as they bid their Hong Kong fans goodbye, and promised to be back in Hong Kong soon. Way to go, Pink Pandas! You’ve all done it again!

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