(x)clusive!: 8 Highlights After a ‘Good Day’ with MXM in Hong Kong

MXM (Youngmin & Donghyun)

MXM attracted over 500 fans for their first overseas fansigning event held in Hong Kong. aPM Mall in Hong Kong had specially invited the duo for “apm x MXM Fan Sign Event”, held on 24 September, so fans can meet MXM up close and also celebrate an early Mid-Autumn Festival (Chuseok) with them.

MXM (Youngmin & Donghyun)

Lim Youngmin and Kim Donghyun both competed in the popular survival show, Produce 101 Season 2. After the finale of the show, MXM was formed as a sub-unit of Brandnew Boys, and released their debut EP ‘UNMIX’. MXM is actually the abbreviation of ‘Mix and Match’ depicting the contrasting personalities of the two members, as well as ‘More x More’, which is their determination to grow as a new duo. On 27th July, the two promotional tracks ‘Good Day’ and ‘I Just Do’ were released. ‘Good Day’ charted on 6 major charts in Korea, and even achieved 1st and 2nd place on Genie and Bugs respectively.

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Hong Kong is the first stop of MXM’s Promotional Tour in Asia, and the fansign passes for the event attracted 100 fans to queue at 8AM on 18th September. All the passes were snapped up within an hour, once again proving that the overwhelming popularity of MXM is not just restricted to Korea. The next stop of their promotional tour brought them to Taipei, and they have more scheduled for their fans in the region too.


These are the 8 highlights from MXM’s Fansign Event in Hong Kong!

#1 – MXM speaks Cantonese!

MXM showed off their Cantonese-speaking skills, starting with their names and also a greeting: “我地好開心,見到大家  (We’re very happy to be able to see everyone!)”. Bringing the distance between the fans and themselves a step closer, they also played games with selected lucky fans and even taught them how to dance to ‘I’m the One’.

#2 – It’s MXM’s First Time in Hong Kong.

Youngmin mentioned that he’s very happy to be able to come to Hong Kong. When asked where they would like to visit most in the city, both Donghyun and Youngmin shared that they’d love to visit Tsim Sha Tsui and Donghyun said he wants to eat Hotpot (steamboat) and Dim Sum.

Kim Donghyun

#3 – MXM makes their Chuseok wishes.

As their visit was close to Chuseok, both members wrote their wishes on lanterns. Youngmin wishes to become an even more lovable and well-rounded singer, and Donghyun wishes to be closer to Hong Kong fans.

#4 – MXM Shares their Favourite Past Times and What they Like about Each Other

Youngmin said that Donghyun is positive and bright so he is loved by everyone around him. Donghyun then said Youngmin’s personality lives up to his looks – he is as kind and caring as he looks. Youngmin shared that he loves to play basketball and swim, whilst Donghyun loves sports, especially cycling, though when he has time, he enjoys watching movies as well.


#5 – Who does MXM Look Up to?

When asked which artiste they’d want to collaborate with, Youngmin said he really looks up to Jay Park because he’s inspired him since he was young, and he’d really want to work with him if he ever gets the opportunity. Donghyun replied that he wants to collaborate with Crush, or their senior of the same company, HENNY (previously known as Champagne).

Kim Donghyun

#6 – MXM Shares their Most Memorable Moment from Produce 101

As the first idol group from Brand New Music, Youngmin mentioned that they definitely felt some burden, but thanks to their participation in Produce 101 Season 2 and tips from their seniors, they were able to showcase some of their talents so part of their burden was relieved. On the topic of their most memorable moment from Produce 102 Season 2, Donghyun shared that the PD of the show hired a golf-cart for them when they were running between places during the recording, and he felt the most freedom during those golf-cart rides. Youngmin shared that during the nights when they felt hungry, all the trainees would be eating cup ramyeon but because there were too many trainees, they always used up the hot water so there were times he had to run to the next building for hot water.

#7 – What’s Better Than Being 1:2 with MXM?

Here we bring you the highlights from the fansign session and their ending talk that will make all MXM fans envy those on stage that day.

#8 – MXM Performs ‘Good Day‘ and ‘I’m the One‘ for the First Time Overseas

For more photos from the day, do visit our flickr photostream here.

MXM (Youngmin & Donghyun)

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