(x)clusive!: 5 Things We Learned About Kim Myungsoo Over The Weekend

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Last week, Infinite’s L, or now better known as Kim Myungsoo, descended upon Singapore to treat us to a weekend of fun and games. Here are the highlights from his whirlwind visit!

Idol L or Actor Kim Myungsoo?

While rebranding (in the form of changing names) isn’t unheard of among idols, many would hesitate to do it if they were seven years deep in the entertainment world. But following his success with Infinite as L, the Kpop idol decided to carve out new grounds with his birth name, Kim Myungsoo.


“As Kim Myungsoo I can show you a different side of me, that you couldn’t see on stage as Infinite’s L,” he said during the press conference on Friday.

While he intends to continue on as a singer, and hopes to releases a solo album one day, being an actor allows him to show more of himself through different roles. We’re sure the fans are pleased to hear that he’ll continue to work hard on both career paths, given the equally enthusiastic reception he received when he serenaded fans with songs like A Little Girl, It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me, and Love Of My Life, and when clips of his acting in The Emperor: Owner of the Mask was played on stage during the fanmeet the next day.


Acting is a balance of work and play

To prepare for his role in The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, Myungsoo watched other historical films for research, as acting in a period drama is very different from acting in a modern drama. He demonstrated the difference to the delight of fans at the fanmeet, emphasizing that it’s all in the tone.

He also shared fun stories of happenings behind the scene, like how his costume, while ornate and regal, is extremely heavy and difficult to put on. The mask he had to wear for the role also kept slipping during takes. During filming, he would practice his delivery for the two characters he played with the more experienced actors in the cast, and carried his script with him everywhere he went to help in his memorization of the lines, which he wasn’t really good at.


“[But] I’ve found a technique that works for me. I try to repeat the lines at specific times every day, rather like having breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” he said during the press conference. Apparently repetition at the correct timings is the key. Students about to sit for exams, take note!

When asked what his most memorable scene during the drama was, he didn’t hesitate before saying it was his character’s dying scene, which struck us as morbid, although it showed his range of emotion perfectly. For his first attempt at a historical drama, Myungsoo’s portrayal as Lee Sun was impressively convincing. That said, he’s set on his next role being a character that matches him in age!

He’s a Jack of all trades

Aside from having lit up stages across the world as a Kpop idol and television screens as an up-and-coming actor, Myungsoo is also an avid photographer. The photo essays he’s published previously show off his passion and talent for photography, and he mentioned during the press conference that he always carries his camera around so he doesn’t miss the perfect shot.

Photo By: Faith & D Entertainment

In fact, during the fanmeet, he showed fans the pictures he took while in the UK and the US, as well as shots from around Singapore, proving that his camera is definitely one of his must-have items while traveling! Eagle-eyed fans were excited to see the Merlion and kaya toast among the many excellent pictures!

He loves Singapore

Although this isn’t his first time in Singapore by far, his short trip managed to open his eyes to new aspects of our sunny island state, one of which being the quintessential Singlish word, abuden. He’s a quick study too. Once he was taught the word by the emcee at the start of the fanmeet, he managed to inject it into sentences correctly at multiple points during the night!

He then continued to impress with a pitch perfect rendition of local folk tune Singapura, Sunny Island. Aside from sightseeing, Myungsoo also managed to carve out some time in his busy schedule to sample some local delights. Aside from kaya toast, he also had chili crab, although he notes that he prefers and misses black pepper crab more!

His fans are his raison d’être

“I’m excited to be back in Singapore… the fans are super passionate,” he said right at the beginning of the press conference.

Photo By: Faith & D Entertainment

He’s not all talk either. During the fanmeet, he showed his appreciation for his fans with lots of up close and personal interaction. A handful of lucky fans got the chance of a lifetime to act out various scenes from The Emperor: Owner of the Mask with him, which inevitably resulted in handholding, head petting, and bear hugs from the back, sending the rest of the audience into a jealous tizzy. He also gave advice to some fans during a “Counselling Corner”, where he went into the audience to listen to the worries of some of the fans and tried to give them advice.

Of course, the night couldn’t end without the staple of fanmeets—a fan appreciation video! The video compilation showcased how much love the fans had for him, and at the end of it, he became visibly emotional, wondering if he’s worthy of all the love he’s been shown. He brightens up quickly after that though, saying he’ll always try his best in everything he does, promising to come back to Singapore soon!

We’ll definitely hold you to that, Myungsoo!

A big thank you to Faith & D Entertainment for extending the event invite.

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