(x)clusive!: The Return of The Kings at TVXQ Asia Press Tour in Hong Kong


Asia’s most powerful duo, TVXQ, held their press conference in Hong Kong on 22nd August, following Seoul and Tokyo, as part of their ‘TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR’, and successfully made their first step for TVXQ’s long-awaited comeback to the industry.

U-Know Yunho, completed his military service on 20th April, while Max Changmin, completed his military service last Friday, on 18th August. As the duo is finally meeting the media as a complete TVXQ after two years, their ‘TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR’ undoubtedly attracted extensive media attention.

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Through the press tour, TVXQ brought the media up to date on their recent developments and their plans for their return to the entertainment industry. The duo announced that they will have a series of releases via music and performances in September through a ‘TVXQ WEEK’. U-Know Yunho’s solo ‘DROP’ and Max Changmin’s solo (yet to be named) will be shared via SM STATION’s 2nd season on 25th and 29th September respectively, and are expected to be widely anticipated by music fans all over the world.


In addition, TVXQ also plan to hold their ‘TVXQ! Special comeback Live – YouR PresenT’ for two days in succession from 30th September to 1st October at the Jamsil Arena, and on 15th October at Macau, to meet Cassiopeia who have been waiting for them. Not only will there be fan interaction segments, TVXQ will also be performing their popular hit tracks. The highlight will definitely be U-Know Yunho’s ‘DROP’, which he had showcased during SMTOWN Live previously, and Max Changmin’s performance of his yet to be released upcoming solo track for the first time, in hopes to give their fans a pleasant surprise.

Having debuted in 2004, TVXQ have been engaging in activities throughout Asia, aside from Korea, leading the K-Pop wave and turning it into a global phenomenon. Before having to enlist in the military in July 2015, TVXQ released their Special Album ‘RISE AS GOD’ and swept the music charts in both Korea and China, making their comeback and future activities even more highly-anticipated.


Beginning their five-city Dome tour in Japan on 11th November at the Sapporo Dome, TVXQ will also visit Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, reaching an audience of 6.5 million through the 14 concerts. After 2013 and 2015, and including this upcoming dome tour, TVXQ will become the first foreign group to have held 3 tours at the five Domes, setting a new record and simultaneously cementing their status as Asia’s most powerful duo.

As TVXQ’s visit to Hong Kong for their press tour this time is 4 years and 7 months after their last time there, TVXQ’s fans swarmed the airport and the press tour venue, further proving that their popularity is as before.

Crowd at TVXQ Asia Press Tour in Hong Kong

Hundreds of fans also gathered since morning to catch a glimpse of the charismatic duo at the open press conference venue. While U-Know Yunho was decked in a charming striped suit that accentuated his boyish charms, Max Changmin opted for a spunky casual look, complete with a leather biker jacket, instead.

From the moment TVXQ greeted both the media and their fans in Cantonese, the flashes from the cameras went on continuously, accompanied by the never ending screams of support.

When asked what they missed the most during their two years absence from the entertainment scene, Max Changmin confessed that it was undeniably their fans, Cassiopeia. As such, witnessing the enthusiastic responses from the media, their fans, and the public really moved him. U-Know Yunho added that even though he was nervous before flying to Hong Kong, the fans’ passionate welcome from the moment they arrived made him really thankful for the love and support they have been receiving since announcing their return as TVXQ.


On TVXQ’s much anticipated comeback with their next full-fledged album, the duo shared that they are in the midst of preparation and it is scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2018, so they hope everyone can anticipate it!

Max Changmin also mentioned about their love for their company’s juniors, EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT, as they gave both of them lots of support during their stint in the army. As a result, they are naturally the reason and drive behind why TVXQ wants to do better and be a more worthy role model to their juniors.


In an attempt to rid the boundaries between them and Cassiopeia, U-Know Yunho hopes to participate in more variety programmes so that their fans can take this opportunity to know them better as well, and he really treasures each moment they are able to be closer with their fans. It is also very heartwarming when Max Changmin disclosed that he has no plans on shooting dramas as he prefers to focus on doing activities as a member of TVXQ and spend more time meeting and interacting with Cassiopeia who have waited during their two years absence.


With the return of the kings, we can definitely look forward to seeing more of both U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, be it via good music, stage performances, or variety programmes!


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