(x)clusive!: SEVENTEEN Checks-In to Hong Kong for DIAMOND EDGE 1st World Tour


SEVENTEEN brought their 2017 DIAMOND EDGE 1st World Tour to Hong Kong on 12 August. The 13 members of the popular boy group performed their hits including debut song ‘아낀다 (Adore U)’, ‘붐붐 (Boom Boom)’, ‘예쁘다 (Pretty U)’, ‘만세 (Mansae)’, and their latest comeback title track ‘울고 싶지 않아 (Don’t Wanna Cry)’. The atmosphere of the concert was at its highest when the group performed ‘ROCK‘ in their red stage outfits.

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The sub-units of SEVENTEEN also took turns to perform their songs, starting with the Rap Unit. Fans especially loved their shoutout “Check-in, Hong Kong city!” during their performance of ‘Check-in’. The Vocal Unit also serenaded the audience with their beautiful voices, and the Performance Unit put up an entertaining stage of ‘OMG’, which was produced by one of the members, Dino.


The8 said Hong Kong made him “feel like home”

Despite the language barrier, fans were able to sing along with all of SEVENTEEN’s songs during the concert. The boys were very touched by this, and The8 added that because of the fans’ constant enthusiasm and passion, he felt really welcomed, and that it was just like home.


China-line performed “MY I” in Chinese for the first time

As previously mentioned during their press conference, SEVENTEEN also prepared Chinese songs as a gift to Hong Kong Carats. Jun wowed the audience with iconic band BEYOND’s Cantonese classic, ‘喜歡你 (Loving You)’. The8 then joined him and pleasantly surprised the fans when the duo, unofficially dubbed China-line, performed their track ‘MY I’ in Chinese for the very first time during the world tour.


No matter what, Hoshi’s answer is “Hao (好!; good)”

Their efforts certainly did not go unnoticed by the fans, who responded with loud cheers. The non-Chinese members of SEVENTEEN also tried their best to speak in Chinese, and the most memorable quote definitely goes to Hoshi, who seemed to love shouting “Hao (好!; good)”. They also sang a little of ‘MY I’ in Chinese!


Fan events are always a highlight of concerts, and Hong Kong Carats prepared three different ones! The encore event marked a beautiful conclusion to the show, as all the fans held up the slogans with the words “24시간 꺼지지 않는 캐럿들의 사랑”, meaning “Carat’s Love for SEVENTEEN goes on for 24hrs non-stop”.

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Singaporean CARATs, are you ready for SEVENTEEN? SEVENTEEN will be heading to Singapore on 29th September as part of their 2017 DIAMOND EDGE 1st World Tour. Tickets are on sale via APACTIX so be sure to grab them before they are all gone!

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