(x)clusive!: Kim You Jung Shows Sweet Charms in Group Interview


Kim You Jung was previously here is May for her very first fan meeting in Singapore, and we managed to grab a quick group interview with the sweet actress. She had been spotted with an injured arm, sustained in a fall while exercising, but she was all smiles when greeting the small group of media. In the fifteen minutes available, she shares her thoughts on her acting career, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and future projects.

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When asked about her partner, Park Bo Gum, from her latest drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, she mentioned that they actually shared encouragements like ‘we can do well, let’s work hard!’ to each other throughout the filming. As a child actress, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds was actually the first drama featuring her as an adult lead role. For the romantic scenes, Kim You Jung stated that she just had fun filming, and she discussed a lot of the scenes with Park Bo Gum and the director in efforts of making them more realistic and enjoyable for the viewers.

As she is currently a student, Kim You Jung hopes to participate in works that allows her to create fond memories with her peers and friends. Looking back over the years and the roles she’s done, the actress recalled some of the more difficult obstacles: as a child, it was dealing with more extreme weather conditions, such as walking barefoot on snow; now that she’s older, the difficulties came in preparing for her roles, so that she could step into the characters’ shoes better. How does her young age give her an edge in the industry then? The actress replied that having started as a child actress, acting was a constant learning process, and she felt that it became a natural process for her now.


Having cross-dressed in the drama, the actress also shared the time when she dressed up like a guy during her free time, complete with a wig and glasses. Because of how successful she concealed herself, no one recognised her until she spoke up. Through the historical drama, Kim You Jung have filmed at various locations over the whole of Korea, and she recommends fans to visit Jeonju in particular. It’s where she held a lot of fond memories. In fact she even returned to Jeonju after the filming recently!

Off-stage, Kim You Jung expressed that she’s someone who likes to find many hobbies, as they help her to release stress. From exercising to drawing, to meeting up to play catch-up with friends, it seemed like she’s someone who enjoys a fulfilling time while building up experiences that could come in handy when she acts in the future. As for her drawing skills, the actress shyly commented that she just draws without thinking too hard about it.


Mentioning the popularity award she received previously, Kim You Jung expressed her gratitude to her fans who have been voting for her. “I really like going to the jimjjilbang (bathhouse),” she continues, “and I first felt a sense of popularity when they start to recognise me. It’s surprising, and a little bit awkward too (smiles shyly).”

We also managed to snag an a set of three aegyo poses from the actress, as a special fan-service to her lovely fans.

Many thanks to KMTV Asia for extending us the event invite.

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