(x)clusive!: Kim You Jung Creates First Memories at Singapore Fan Meeting

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Rising starlet Kim You Jung came to our shores for her first fan meeting, ‘First Memories’, last May. With a vibrant smile, the actress brightened up the room as she made her entrance in a hanbok. In the 90-minute fan meeting, Kim You Jung played several games with fans, shared her journey as an actress, and even performed to a couple songs, much to the fans’ delight. Read on to find out more of what went on during the event!

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The Q&A: Getting to Know Kim You Jung

Starting off, the starlet first assured the fans that she was alright, telling them not to worry. Kim You Jung was seen with a cast on her arm, an injury she sustained when she fell while exercising. On a brighter note, she went on to express her excitement for the fan meeting, and mentioned that she hadn’t had the chance to explore our country yet, but she would love to try our local delights – Satay and Chili Crab.

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When asked who was the most handsome actor she’s seen, Kim You Jung cheekily mentioned herself, much to the acknowledgement of the audience. Following up, she said she was kidding, and everyone was really good-looking so she couldn’t pick just one.

Throughout the fan meeting, Kim You Jung shared lots of little interesting notes about herself, such as her wish for the year was to attain her driver’s license. She also talked briefly about several different roles that she had played over the years, starting from when she was a child with cute perm, all the way to her recent drama. Every time a photo of her character appeared, the fans would coo or voice out in recognition, showing their extensive knowledge of the actress’ repertoire.

Acting Career & Selected Scenes

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Moving on to watch selected scenes of her last drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Kim You Jung was spotted several times looking flustered when a heart-fluttering scene was shown. At the end of each clip, she also shared interesting stories while filming. In the snack-sharing scene with Park Bo Gum, the actress mentioned that the staff prepared a lot of yakgwa, which she ate it all, as she really liked traditional snacks.

As the crowd cooed over the adorable back-hug scene, the starlet instead mentioned that she felt embarrassed watching it as her face was swollen from all the crying, thus it looked huge compared to Park Bo Gum. On the topic of her co-lead, Kim You Jung shared that the two became good friends through filming and encouraged each other lots. To build up chemistry, the director also had them eat meals together during filming. Post-drama, Kim You Jung stated that they once went out in a group of five to try water sport activities, which according to her was “very stress relieving!”.

Fan-service and Fans’ Service

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Stating that she’s not a very good singer, Kim You Jung still tried her best to perform several songs, including her own OST ‘After Love‘ for web drama, ‘Love Cell’. Wanting to surprise her fans, she performed to her own rendition of  ‘Cloudy Day‘, originally by our local superstar, Stefanie Sun, in accurate Mandarin. Members of the audience were also singing along loudly, giving the actress loud applause at the end of each performance.

Kim You Jung also did not forget to thank her fans for their constant support, once when the MC mentioned the Popularity Award she won not long ago, and again when the fan meeting drew to a close. After watching a special fanmade video by the fanclub, Kim You Jung expressed her gratitude, and said that she would watch the support messages again whenever she’s feeling down. With sincere tone and firm voice, it’s evident that the actress adored her fans as much as they showered her with appreciation in return!

Up-Close and Personal for Lucky Fans

Kim You Jung 9

Of course, we cannot miss out the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the star! Kim You Jung invited several fans up on stage for fun activities, ranging from re-enacting her popular drama scenes, feeding snacks to drawing each other. Not only do the lucky few get a chance to meet her up close, they walked away with different gifts, like polaroids and autographs.

The most memorable gift in our opinion had to be the unique drawing; Kim You Jung and a member of the audience took a couple minutes to draw each other on the spot. The fan received the actress’ personal drawing of herself, completed with autograph, and her drawing of Kim You Jung was received by the actress as well. Not only is the gift one of its kind, it also fits true with the theme of the fan meeting – ‘First Memories’.

At the end of the fan meet, the star also had a photo-taking and handshake session with a good portion of her fans to wrap up the event.

Many thanks to KMTV Asia for extending us the event invite.


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