(x)clusive!: Lee Dong Wook Wishes He Could Teleport to Singapore

Photos By: Linda

Everyone’s favourite Grim Reaper is in town this weekend! As someone who says he dresses according to the weather, Lee Dong Wook turned up in a suit in sunny Singapore. Guess even the humid weather could not make the actor give up on dressing fashionably! The humourous actor, known for his chiselled good looks, fair complexion and blood-red lips, made a public appearance at Plaza Singapura this afternoon, prior to his ‘For My Dear’ Asia Tour in Singapore later this evening, to the delight of many.


It’s been six years since Lee Dong Wook last stepped onto our sunny isle and he said nothing much has changed. The busy actor had such a packed schedule during his previous trip that he went from airport to hotel to event venue, then back to hotel and off to the airport again, which could be a likely reason why he would not have noticed much either way since he did not have the opportunity to do any sight-seeing.  That may be why he picked “teleportation” as his preferred superpower, “Because it is the fastest way to travel.”. He said that if he could teleport, he could just teleport from Korea to Singapore, and that Singapore makes him feel at home. Now, wouldn’t we like that!


Lee Dong Wook last played a Grim Reaper in the popular Korean fantasy drama ‘Goblin’, breaking hearts everywhere with his heart-wrenching love story with the beautiful Sunny. As it was such a meaningful drama to him, it was hard for him to pick his favourite scene. Instead, he said that every scene was memorable and it was a drama he will always remember and cherish. So what’s next for the actor now that ‘Goblin’ is over? “I’d like to be in a drama more similar to reality, since ‘Goblin’ was a fantasy drama.”


Here for his first Singapore fan meeting, ‘For My Dear’, Lee Dong Wook has prepared many events for an enjoyable evening with his fans! However, he remained tight-lipped about what these surprise activities are and cheekily said, “You’ll know if you come tonight!” and we are undoubtedly excited to check out the fanmeet later to find out just what Lee Dong Wook has up his sleeves!


Want to watch more of Lee Dong Wook? Catch the actor in ‘Hotel King’ on Oh!K (StarHub TV CH816) Mondays to Fridays, 11PM and ‘Goblin’ on weekends at 12PM!

Many thanks to Oh!K and StarHub for extending the invitation.

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