(x)clusive!: Seeing stars and hearts at ASTRO’s first Singapore fanmeeting

ASTRO’s First Meeting with Singapore Fans


Rookie boyband ASTRO made their first official appearance in Singapore last month, and their fresh and cute charms simply stole the hearts of many who were present. It may not have been very long since their debut but they sure knew how to interact with the audience and got fans screaming for more!


Decked out in dark blue school outfits at the Meet & Greet with the VIP fans prior to the main show, they showed their excitement and love by making hearts with their hands towards the fans.

They later changed into bright yellow school outfits for the main show, and performed their hit songs Hide & Seek and Cat’s Eye as the opening of the fan meeting.

KPOP Cover Dance Kings


Throughout the fan meeting, fans were treated to the members’ cute banter and impromptu dance covers of EXID’s Up & Down and BIGBANG’s Bang Bang Bang! They also performed Jay Chou’s Confession Balloon (告白气球) as well as TVXQ’s Balloons, which held extra meaning since ASTRO’s Moonbin was part of ‘Baby TVXQ’, who was featured in the song’s music video!

Happy birthday to MJ!

Coincidentally, the day of the fan meeting was also member MJ’s birthday, whose birthday falls on 5 March. The fans had prepared a surprise video and fan project especially for him, singing him a birthday song while holding up slogans. In response, MJ said that it was the best birthday gift ever, and thanked the fans for the meaningful gift.


As much as the fans enjoyed the fan meeting, the ASTRO boys seemed to have had as much as well! They have put together footage taken at their fan meetings (including Singapore) into a music video dedicated to their fans. Check out the “You & Me (Thanks AROHA)” music video below!

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The event is organised by MyMusicTaste.

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