(x)clusive!: 8 Highlights of EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM – in Kuala Lumpur


If EXO’s ‘The Lost Planet’ tour was about self discovery and ‘The EXO’luXion’ tour was about creating a revolution, then ‘The EXO’rDIUM’ tour no doubt focuses on new beginnings, where EXO-Ls can not only look forward to seeing an improved EXO, but also sides you never expected of them.

As a prelude to EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM – in Singapore, our team at (x)clusive managed to get a glimpse of what to expect at EXO’s concert this weekend when we were in Kuala Lumpur two weeks back. So here’s our highlights (and spoilers) of the concert and why it was so memorable.

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#1 – Intricate Stage Choreography

It is always a joy to watch EXO (or basically any SM Entertainment artistes) perform during a concert as you can always expect nothing but innovative stages from SM Entertainment’s famed performance director Shim Jae Won, where stages are created uniquely for EXO, focusing on their strengths, while including elements such as surprise and fun to keep the audience captivated. Baekhyun’s dance solo in the remix version of Monster is one fine example. Fans would have expected resident lead dancers Kai and Sehun, but it was Baekhyun who stole the limelight and one can’t deny how captivating he was as fans chant “Byun Baekhyun! Byun Baekhyun!” Other noteworthy performances that one should definitely look out for are Transformer – where they included a subtle EXO logo with their hands as part of the choreography – and Lightsaber where the lights were turned off and all you could see are the lightsabers being used as part of the dance routine.

#2 – Acoustic Stage


EXO’s singing abilities are constantly being contested and this acoustic stage simply debunks all rumours that “EXO can’t sing” and “EXO only lip-syncs”. No fanciful props for this section of the concert, but the members’ raw voices and Chanyeol on the guitar were enough to keep EXO-Ls captivated as it turned in a mass karaoke session with favourites such as My Lady, My Turn To Cry, Love Love Love, Moonlight and Call Me Baby being sung. The only regret is not being able to witness Lay’s solo, Monodrama. How many EXO-Ls feel the same too?

#3 – Hip-Thrusting

With the thought that Playboy would be EXO’s most sexy performance ever, Artificial Love simply caught many off guard with the sensual body rolls and hip-thrusts. Not forgetting that they performed the song with a cane, which just made the performance visually intense, something that we would never imagine of EXO when we first saw them perform MAMA 5 years back. However, EXO no doubt proved that they’ve grown up and are capable of turning into sexy men too.

#4 – Keep On Dancing with DJ Chanyeol


Possibly the highest part of the concert where the venue is instantaneously turned into a club setting, with DJ Chanyeol hyping up the crowd with his electric guitar. Nothing better than seeing everyone enjoying the concert and jumping along as members walked around the extended stage to interact with their fans. I say E – X-, you say O-! JUMP- JUMP- JUMP- JUMP-, we are E- X- O-!

#5 – Outdoor Venue

Having being pampered with indoor concert venues in Singapore, the experience at Stadium Merdeka was undeniably a ‘memorable’ experience. With no control over how hot the weather will be or whether it will rain or not, that is indeed the beauty of outdoor concerts. The unexpected drizzle at the end of the concert also could not cool the passion of EXO-Ls since EXO’s energy shot through the roof as they gave their all that night. The warm weather could actually be a blessing in disguise too as fans get an additional bonus of the members’ toned arms. So we are definitely loving this part of having an outdoor venue.

#6 – Entertaining VCRs


VCRs usually serve as a lead in to the next part of the concert and are usually themed. EXO literally took the elves concept to another level with their super adorable VCR and Lucky as a super apt background accompaniment. Not too sure who your favourite elves in the VCR are, but it is definitely Sehun and D.O for us! In addition, they have this VCR where you get an invitation to spend time with EXO and see them in ways you never expect yourself to. The whole video just screams “BOYFIE MATERIAL!” as you play darts with Lay, ice hockey with Kai and even noraebang with Chen, Suho and Xiumin! Which member do you want to spend time with and which are your favourite parts of the VCRs?

#7 – Interactions between EXO and EXO-Ls


The interactions between EXO and EXO-Ls are something worth mentioning too. All I can say is that EXO spoils their fans a lot. As a respond to fans’ wish of wanting to listen to them sing a “Confession Song”, Kai totally went all out with an adorable children song (that is usually used to teach children how to count in Korean), charming the crowd with his cute actions. Suho also sang a short verse from his solo track, Curtain, Chen with a verse of I’m Not Okay from Missing 9’s OST and Baekhyun with Rain.

Sehun and Baekhyun also brought teasing fans to a whole new level when they asked the translator to not translate what they were saying and pranked their fans. It started nice and innocent with “Do you all understand Korean? Yes? Then (can the translator) not translate what I’m going to say next! Don’t translate! Please don’t translate!”, “Did you all make any wonderful memories at tonight’s concert?” and “Did you all spend a happy time with us tonight?”, where the default answers is “Ne!”, which also meant “Yes!” That’s when Baekhyun suggested to Sehun a “It’s not good that EXO comes to Malaysia right?” and as expected, the default “Ne!” sounded throughout the stadium, which brought unexpected laughter to EXO and Baekhyun shouting “WHO SAID YES? WHO SAID YESSSSSSS?” and then regretting his actions by saying “You all are not angry right?” Who would get angry with cutie pie Baekhyun though, especially when he said it with his signature pout, are we right?

The best part about attending a concert when it is close to a member’s birthday is definitely the birthday celebration and this time around, it was to celebrate Xiumin’s birthday (again). Having celebrated his birthday twice in Malaysia, Xiumin expressed how touched he was and how this was a really nice present to receive and a great memory to take back to Korea. This, we totally agree. How many idols get to celebrate their birthday at a concert two years back to back in Malaysia?

#8 – The Other Side of EXO


Having seen EXO looking all charismatic on stage, charming fans with their strong stage presence, there is always a side of theirs that I prefer – the dorky side.

EXO-Ls who have watched EXO’s stages for Unfair would know that Xiumin will always ‘make a phone call’ to the fans. This time around, he did not even attempt to hide the small piece of paper as he blatantly cheated and read directly from a note. It was a really really cute attempt as he shouted “Apa khabar? Awak suka? Betul tak? Ikut saya!” How is he the hyung in EXO?

Can anyone explain to me how a 185cm giant can be so afraid of a cockroach? Chanyeol’s reaction when Kai pointed out that there was a bug on Chanyeol’s baseball top was priceless. The moment of revelation from when he saw the cockroach to how he tried to fling it off the top to throwing the top away and finally falling to the floor because his legs got jelly was definitely one of the more memorable parts of the concert. Park Chanyeol, why are you so adorkable?

The best way to see the strong friendship (or not) between the members is via the mass water spraying session as they ganged up against one another and targeted specific members. Though it was no doubt a chaotic mess on stage, it was really nice to see the members having so much fun. I guess beneath all the glitz and glamour (and the pressure to constantly do well), they are still kids at heart.


Truth be told, The EXO’rDIUM tour is definitely our favourite as compared to The Lost Planet or The EXO’luXion. This tour showcased how much they have grown and improved. EXO had also gotten so comfortable with interacting with their fans, which is a total contrast to how they were during The Lost Planet – where ments were mainly scripted and less interactive.

This concert would have been perfect should the synchronized lightsticks be activated along with the WYTH application, where the whole stadium will light up and change colour together as the concert proceeds. It is a pity, but at least there was the pretty silver sea to make up for it. The concert would also perfect should the water stages for White Noise, One and Only (where we get to see Kai and Sehun – and Lay too should he join the tour – dancing to contemporary) and Lightsaber not be cancelled. Lastly, the concert would have been perfect if Lay was part of it. Definitely looking forward to seeing him on stage with the other eight because EXO would not be complete without him.

If you are already missing EXO, do remember to catch them this weekend at EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM – in SINGAPORE.

A big thank you to StarPlanet for extending the concert invite to us!


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