(x)clusive!: Kang Gary opens up about Running Man over coffee


Korean rapper-cum-entertainer Kang Gary is no ‘running-away man’ when it comes to talking about Korean variety programme Running Man, which he quit as a cast member back in November last year. Sharing casually with the media at the press conference for the official opening of dal.komm COFFEE, Gary described his experience with Running Man as ‘one of the biggest and most memorable experience’ in his life.

“Mondays do feel empty, but since it was my choice to leave, I have to bear the burden.”

But is there a chance for Gary to return as a regular cast? Gary replied that he thinks this is the time to work more on his music. “But I will be more than happy to run (as a guest) whenever they call me to.”


Kang Gary . music

To the shock of fans, Kang Gary had decided to leave the popular show last year to focus more on his music career, which also led to fans’ growing anticipation for his music. With this being his 15th year since his debut as the rapper of the disbanded hip-hop duo Leessang, he is considered as a senior in the industry.

Even so, Gary felt that he was still not good enough. He even turned down offers to appear as a judge on hip-hop survival shows like Show Me The Money, Unpretty Rapstar and High School Rapper, saying: “I am really impressed when I watch the participants on these shows, they are so good! I feel like I need to work a lot more after seeing their passion.”

So when will he be ready and release his next album? The rapper promised to release one within this year. “I will probably finish 1000 cups of coffee by then!” Gary joked.


Kang Gary . coffee

Speaking of coffee, Gary shared that he first visited a dal.komm Coffee cafe in Korea back in 2015 during a Running Man shoot. His favourite beverages at dal.komm Coffee are the Cube (ice coffee, K3 blend) and Honey-Mong (Honey Grapefruit tea). He even confessed that he could drink up to six cups of coffee in a day! During the press conference and fan-signing event afterwards, he could also be seen happily sipping a cup of Honey Grapefruit tea.


Kang Gary . happiness

So what are some other things that make Kang Gary happy? He listed out three.

First was making music, second was watching television at home without thinking about anything, and third was sharing love with people. However it was apparently misheard as 사랑하기, which can also be loosely translated into English as ‘making love’ – which brought about bouts of laughter!

The press conference ended with a surprise early birthday celebration of Gary’s birthday, which falls on February 24th. He looked so delighted with the cake!



Lucky fans were able to see Gary up-close, receive an autograph, take photos and even get a hug at the Meet-and-Greet session following the press conference.

Gary was also giving away his drinks to fans, as well as engaging in a funny banter with fans offstage, which went something like: “Chilli crab! I am going to eat chilli crab!” No wonder the crowd that gathered to see him filled up three levels of the mall!



Not enough of Kang Gary? Check out more photos of him at (x)clusive’s Facebook page!

Or visit dal.komm Coffee cafe at Centrepoint Level 1 (beside the main entrance from the street) to try out Gary’s favourite drinks, while busking in the cosy atmosphere and reliving moments from popular Korean dramas Descendants Of The Sun (starring Song Joong Ki), as well as the recent Goblin (starring Gong Yoo), where the cafe was featured!

Thank you to dal.komm Coffee for the invite!

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