(x)clusive!: Rising Starlet Kim Sohyun Reveals Thoughts on Acting, Co-stars and Stories on Set


Last week, rising starlet Kim Sohyun met with the press prior to her first meet and greet session in Singapore, where she revealed her thoughts on acting, co-stars who she had worked with previously and shared her experiences while filming on set. The child actress was on our sunny island to promote her latest work ‘Bring It On, Ghost!‘, a horror comedy jam packed with lots of drama, action and even a tint of romance. With a friendly wave to greet the press and lucky fans, Kim Sohyun proceeded to capture our hearts with her sincere mannerism and kind answers.  Read on for more!

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This being her first trip to Singapore, Kim Sohyun expressed her wish to try all the great food she had heard about, including our famous delicacy, the Chili Crab, during her stay. On her first impression of the country, she mentioned how clean and organized the little isle  is, and that she’s pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome from her fans at the airport.

Starting the press-conference formal, the actress shared her favourite, heart-fluttering scene in the drama, where her character, Hyunji, was sitting with Bongpal (played by Ok Taecyeon) on the school campus with cherry blossoms in the background as it was Spring. Speaking of scenes, Kim Sohyun also opened up on the scene where she was sitting on Taecyeon’s back as he was doing push-ups. The actress said she was at first concerned about it, and that it was probably hard on Taecyeon. However, she thinks that it was also a once-in-a-lifetime scene, and tried to make it as enjoyable as it could be.

In regard to co-star Taecyeon, the actress was nothing short of praises; she feels that they both have good chemistry, and despite the age gap between them, he is someone full of energy and lights up the set wherever he goes, transfering his energy to the people around him and thus making filming very enjoyable.


‘Bring It On, Ghost!’ was a drama full of first-times for Kim Sohyun, such as kiss-scene, drunken-scenes and more. Filming it was more difficult than she first anticipated, as emotions such as displaying cuteness was something she had never done in her previous roles, and playing as Hyunji was a whole new experience for her. As time passed, she managed to get a better hold of her character, and despite the difficulties, it was an enjoyable process. The actress also took the chance to express her gratitude to the director, who gave her the opportunity to try something new.

As a child actress who started at a young age of seven, ‘Bring It On, Ghost’ was the piece of work showing her transition into an adult with a leading role. Kim Sohyun feels that this marks a new beginning and she would work even harder to show a more mature side of her, be it as a person or as an actress.

When asked about what she likes and what she would want to improve on, the actress wittily state that her mature looks put her at an advantage, as she’s now in the transitioning age from a teen to an adult, which is helpful in roles. As for something she need to work on, Kim Sohyun states that she wants to become a more versatile actress; most of her roles tend to be not lively nor cheerful, and that image could be ingrained in the public’s mind and she hopes that she could show a more energetic side of her in the future.


While her last drama was of a horror genre, Kim Sohyun commented that she herself isn’t a huge fan of horror. While she doesn’t dislike it, it’s not a genre that she would seek out to watch. While on the topic of supernatural, the actress also shared some strange occurrences while filming on set, including the time where staff could hear the soft weeping and low humming of a female on their headphones in a dead-quiet scene, or video editors having a hard time in the studio as some scenes got jammed in a loop, and there were times where staff felt scared to go home alone lat at night.

Unlike other ghost-characters in the K-drama world, Hyunji’s character is more lively, cheerful and energetic, which allowed her to do some cute scenes and gestures. However, Kim Sohyun adds with a bright laugh that she’s definitely not the ‘cutest ghost’ around. When prompted by the MC on whether she’s had any spooky experiences herself, she shared a close-to-supernatural encounter where she was immobilized while sleeping one night during the course of the filming. If she did encounter a ghost in real life, the actress states that she will probably faint on the spot, and is thus thankful that she haven’t had any spooky encounters on set.

How about being a ghost herself? While Kim Sohyun did agree that being a ghost has it’s ‘perks’, mostly with how you can teleport and all, but she thinks being a ghost is very lonely. But while playing as the ghost Hyunji, it’s lucky for her to have met Bongpal who could talk with her, but she cannot communicate with anyone else. And so, she’s definitely not interested in becoming a ghost.

Having worked with other popular actors and idols, Kim Sohyun was asked by a member of the press if her friends were jealous of her, to which she mentioned that while she was asked by waitresses before how Taecyeon was doing. On the other hand, her friends were kind about it, and wouldn’t ask her to grab signatures nor ask to meet her co-stars. Kim Sohyun also added that the fans of her male co-stars are good mannered and she has never gotten hate mails or any of that sort. As for the fellow male actor she wants to work with in the future, it is Yoo Seungho, who is also a fellow child actor in the industry that she had the chance to work with in the past.


On the numerous kiss scenes, Kim Sohyun remarked that rather than a full kiss, it was more like a light peck. Not only that, the scenes were well-planned out, so it wasn’t a stressful experience while filming. As she’s transitioning into an adult, she hopes to tackle romantic-comedies in the near future, when she is around twenty years old.

Kim Sohyun showed her sincere and humble side as she talked about her acting skills, and thinks that she still has a long way to go. The actress hopes that she can deliver the emotions and messages of her characters more accurately in the future. Being prompted on the competitiveness of the child-actor and actress circle, Kim Sohyun said that rather than competition, they are more of being a supportive peer to each other and not rivals. A focused actress, she has also never thought of changing paths to becoming a singer.

Fans of Kim Sohyun would also be delighted to know that she is working on a new project based on a folklore. While she’s not playing as the lead character, the actress is also keeping an eye out for potential new projects while being focusing on her school work and enjoying personal time.

With the press conference coming to an end, the starlet also express her wish to do more events where she could meet her fans in Singapore and other countries, and hope that fans can continue to show her lots of love and support. She also didn’t forget to add a short ‘I love you’ in English, warming hearts on site. For more on her meet and greet session, check out our post here!

Many thanks to Viu Singapore for extending the media invitation.

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