(x)clusive!: Kim So Hyun Spends a Lovely Afternoon with Fans


Decked in a cutesy summer-suited outfit – vibrant blue off-shoulder top matched with a white skirt – Kim So Hyun charmed the large crowd of fans at Plaza Singapura this afternoon.

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In smiles, she constantly threw out finger-hearts and shy waves to fans who called out to her as she answered questions from the Emcee. She mentioned that she was really happy to be here and was surprised by the huge turnout. Having known that it is currently the exam peak period in Singapore, Kim So Hyun also wished all students all the best in their exams and did a cute ‘Fighting’ gesture.


Five fans,  who were hand-picked by the lovely actress, also got to have up-close and personal interactions via stage games. And no doubt were they lucky as they got to either take selfies with the actress, re-enact a scene from the drama,  received a 10-second eye contact, got fed Pepero sticks and the best of all,  a personalized wake up call.


To commemorate Kim So Hyun’s first trip to Singapore,  a specially prepared video with love messages by her fans was shown. In addition, “Ghost? If not,  Goddess?  Sohyunie, I love you.” hand banners were raised as well at the end,  which the actress happily posed with as well.

At the end of the meet-and-greet session,  the actress took a selfie with all present and expressed her hopes of coming back to Singapore again.

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