(x)clusive!: Fashionista Irene Kim Shares Her M.U.S.T Haves and Fashion Tips


Korea fashion IT girl Irene Kim was in town to film her next travelogue for TvN M.U.S.T (My Unexpected Sweet Trip) in Singapore, and we took the chance to check in with her via a casual group interview. Donning a classy look as she greeted us with a friendly smile, the model shared with us some of her experience thus far as well as fashion tips – a M.U.S.T read for aspiring fashionistas!

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The model expressed that her experiences in Singapore had been very memorable thus far and The Gardens by the Bay especially, was a pleasant surprise, “The indoor garden was just breathtaking. I thought Singapore was like a concrete jungle city, very busy, a financial hub with lots of business going on, but there is just so much green here, and so beautiful.”

Following her trail on instagram, Irene mentioned her trip to Haji Lane, which she felt was reminiscent of the shopping district in Korea, and that it looked “cozy, cute and has a lot of great restaurants and amazing shops”. While shopping in Singapore, Irene shared that she really liked Pedder on Scotts, which houses a nice variety of designer brands to mid-range shoes, even trying on five pair of shoes while she stopped by. However, she also commented that she did not have much time to shop around Asia just yet, as most of her travels are work-based.


As a trendsetter herself, we could not help but ask on her top trends in 2016, to which she immediately replied as velvet fashion pieces for its 90s vibe. “I love the nineties vibe! I think it’s fun, it’s kind of sexy and cool girlish,” said Irene, before proceeding to tell us of her recent purchases: three velvet boos, from different designers and different colors, of course. She’s also into bold, fun earrings as seen on her instagram.

And next year’s trend? Irene hopes to see a continuation of the velvet look, as well as the tomboy look with denim, military jackets, which will look really chic. It does seem like the model is a huge fan of the nineties vibe, and she also hopes to see more lace and embroidery pieces in the coming year.

Well-known for her rainbow hair, which she dyes every two to three weeks, Irene’s tips to maintaining her hair is (1) wash out the products on her hair at the end of the day, (2) not use too much shampoo least it dries out her scalp, and (3) instead of hair products, she prefers moisturizers as she has really sensitive skin. For fans who are looking to dyeing your hair in vibrant colours, her routine is something you can possibly consider.

Contrary to public’s perception, Irene mentioned that on a relaxed day, she likes to stick to jeans, simple t-shirts, maybe matched with her velvet boots. Unlike how some would have thought of her to wear different pieces every other day, the model stated that she prefers to keep things simple, and if she’s really into something, she’d wear the same fashion piece 2-3 days in a row.


A frequent traveler, Irene told us how traveling had influenced her styles – being more professional in New York, to effortlessly chic with minimal in Paris, and more summer-like looks here in Singapore and parts of Asia (which she also described as laidback, LA girl-style). She also noted the similarity whereby female audiences tend to be interested in fashion and beauty, which was probably why they would enjoy her travelogue series, tvN’s M.U.S.T.

On tips for packing for a trip, the fashionista suggests to be ready for different occasions, and start off with the basics: comfortable sneakers, good boots, jeans, a dress. And from there, to add more fun accessories. With regard to skincare, the one thing she must bring with her had to be sheets of masks, to help with her dry skin and lessen risks of breakouts in light of changes in weather and climate in each country.

When it comes to picking the ideal travel partner, Irene states that they have to like trying new food and outdoor activities and nature, as she feels that food is a huge part of experiencing the culture, showing her down-to-earth nature. “When I’m traveling, I love to experience the local culture and what’s actually going on, because fashion, and selfies…cute outfits aren’t everything,” she elaborated, and prefers to visit places rather than just shopping districts, even if the latter can be very tempting.


Last but not least, to aspiring fashion-beginners, Irene thinks that the key is to experiment, and start with classic pieces before building from there. “Fashion is about having fun, and not taking it too seriously,” she said, adding that one should start with the basics such a good, fitting white shirt, jeans and a classic coat!

tvN M.U.S.T – Singapore will premiere on 3rd November 2016 at 1030PM (GMT+8) in 10 Asia-Pacific countries. Singapore viewer can catch the travelogue via Starhub TV CH824 or Singtel TV CH518.

Many thanks to tvN for extending us the event invite.

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