(x)clusive!: Interview with CROSS GENE – Of Ideal Types, Miscommunications and their Impression of Singapore


It is less than two weeks to CROSS GENE’s「Parallel World」Fanmeeting in Singapore and the boys of CROSS GENE are no doubt excited to be back to our little red dot to meet their fans.

And to all you CandYs out there, you are definitely in for a treat as our team managed to snag an exclusive interview with the boys amidst their busy schedules. So if you are interested to know what they’ve prepared specially for this upcoming fanmeeting on 18th June, their ideal types, what they usually do during their free time and what they wouldn’t mind eating for the rest of their lives, this is the interview not to be missed!

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CROSS GENE was part of Sundown Festival’s lineup in 2014. What was the group’s impression of Singapore and their Singaporean fans?

At the festival, there were many people in the audience who weren’t our fans, but they still cheered for us enthusiastically during our performances, which made us really happy. Our impression of Singapore is that it is a very beautiful country, where the weather is hot. The tropical fruit juice we had there was delicious too, and our first taste of chili crab was an unforgettable experience! The food was good and we thought the locals were really friendly, which made us want to visit again.

As this is your first full-fledged fanmeeting in Singapore, what have you prepared and what can fans expect?

For the first half of the event, we’ve prepared games that fans can also take part in. We will not only talk during the session but have also thought of how to have fun together with the fans so please look forward to that! Through the games, we hope that fans will have a chance to see our fun side and at the same time, we hope to get to know more about our fans too. The second half of the event will be us performing several songs. We have prepared extensively for the performances, so we look forward to spending a special day with all our fans. Come play with us~

Singapore is known to be a food paradise. What kind of dishes would CROSS GENE want to try during their upcoming trip to Singapore? 

We definitely want to have chili crab again! Apart from that, we want our fans from Singapore to introduce us to other dishes too. If our fans post their recommendations on Twitter (@CROSS_GENE), we’ll go and try those dishes!

What is CROSS GENE’s ideal type of woman?

SANGMIN: Someone with a beautiful smile.
SEYOUNG: Someone with a pure heart.
TAKUYA: Someone who is aware of her surroundings.
SHIN: Someone who is a little mischievous (not someone stubborn).
CASPER: Someone cute, kind and respectful to their parents.
YONGSEOK: Someone smart.

In 누나 말야, the lyrics suggest that they are straightforward and a little possessive when it comes to love. Do they subscribe to this in real life or do they actually behave differently when it comes to a girl they love.

For all the members, we might have a tendency to be a little delusional when it comes to love. It’s a bit difficult to be in a real relationship right now, and as a result our daydreams can be quite farfetched (laughs). We all want to be in a relationship someday, but right now, we get a lot of love from our fans, which is enough for us. That’s why we will definitely be jealous if our fans cheat on us!

How do the CROSS GENE members usually spend their day off?

SANGMIN: I ride my bicycle.
SEYOUNG: I go for drives.
TAKUYA: I do a lot of sports.
SHIN: I indulge in otaku activities.
CASPER: I sleep, go to cafés with friends or write songs!
YONGSEOK: I usually eat delicious food or go for drives.

With individual members exploring different realms of the entertainment scene, what does each CROSS GENE members want to try next?

We’re in the midst of trying out lots of different things, but we still want to challenge ourselves even further. We’d also like to start writing our own songs as well. Other than that, as long as there’s the chance, we are really open to new things. What’s most important is to just try doing it, whatever it is. We want to try a lot of different things, even in Singapore!

If the members can spend a day out with their fans, what do they want to do and where would they want to go?

SANGMIN: Barbecue party
SEYOUNG: Barbecue party, because everyone can have fun together.
TAKUYA: Rent out an amusement park for the day and have fun with everyone.
SHIN: A tour around the world with everyone.
CASPER: We’d go to the beach together and spend time at a beach house.
YONGSEOK: Camping by the Hangang River.

With members of different nationalities in the group, how was communication like at the start and were there occasions of miscommunication that resulted in a misunderstanding?

When TAKUYA and CASPER first came to Korea they couldn’t speak a word of Korean, so we communicated with each other mostly through gestures and English. Naturally, this brought about a lot of miscommunications. For example, when someone held their stomach and tried to show that he was hungry, the other person thought that he was sick instead (laughs). There were a lot of interesting episodes. Now, both TAKUYA and CASPER are fluent in Korean so we have absolutely no problems with communication anymore!

If you were to eat just one dish for every meal, forever, for the rest of your life, what dish will it be?

TAKUYA: Hayashi Rice (Hashed Beef Rice)
SHIN: Sukiyaki
CASPER: Vitamin Water, since I’ll be lacking in vitamins from not eating anything.
YONGSEOK: I’m not sure if it’s because I’m born in the year of the rooster, but it would be chicken.


It’s been 4 years since your Korean debut, what album concept would CROSS GENE like to attempt next?

We will be welcoming summer anytime now so we’d like to try samba, latin music, or even funk. We really want to challenge ourselves to try all types of music without being limited to any genre.

Nowadays, many idols hope to be listed in the ‘singer-song writer’ category. Is CROSS GENE working towards that direction as well?

Since last year, SEYOUNG and SANGMIN have been writing music, and SHIN has also been writing lyrics. We will try our best to bring you our music as soon as possible! Please look forward to it!

What would you like to say to your Singaporean fans / (x)clusive readers?

We first visited Singapore in 2014, where we met a lot of wonderful fans! We were really happy to know that there were so many fans supporting us in Singapore. For our fanmeeting this time, we want fans to know more about us, and we also want to get to know all of our fans. As we might not have the chance to come to Singapore frequently, this fanmeeting live is really important to us! We’re going to enjoy ourselves to the max, so let’s all have fun together!

Details of the Fanmeeting:

Date: 18th June 2016, Saturday
Time: 630PM
Ticket Price: $168, $88

Details of Ticketing:

Tickets for CROSS GENE’s「Parallel World」Fanmeeting in Singapore are available via Peatix.

Check out CROSS GENE’s Greeting Video:

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