(x)clusive!: GOT7 Reasons to Catch ‘Fly in Singapore’

The boys of GOT7 (consisting of JB, Junior, Bam Bam, Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, and Yugyeom) are returning to our sunny island for their much awaited 1st concert, ‘Fly in Singapore’, and we’ve round up seven reasons why their concert will be worth your ticket – if you haven’t gotten it already.

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Slick Choreography

When talking about GOT7, one aspect we remember vividly is no doubt their slick choreography. From iconic martial arts tricking early in their debut, to amazing synchronized dancing to tough choreography in latest release Fly, GOT7 are through and thorough performers in their own right. Not only are they impressive at matching the beats, the boys also managed to outdo themselves with each release and watching them dance live, only served to make the performance ten times more exciting.

Get Hooked On the Music

Fans who have been to some of the boys’ previous fanmeets in Singapore would definitely be thrilled at the increased number of performances, considering this being their first full-fledged concert on our sunny island. Looking at their opening concert in Seoul, GOT7 will be bringing a long list of hits from their debut releases to date. We’re expecting to get the classic jams like ‘Girls Girls Girls‘, ‘Stop Stop It‘ and ‘Fly’, as well as catchy album gems such as ‘Magnetic‘, ‘Hooked‘ and ‘Can’t‘. What are your picks that you would love to hear live from GOT7?

‘Oppa Saw Me’ Moments

We’ve all been there, done that – where you can’t help but coo and scream at the fanservice given by your bias members. Be it finger hearts, cheesy liners like ‘I love you’ and eye contact moments, GOT7 will leave you reeling for more at the end of the concert, and all you could wish was for these amazing boys to come back more often. iGOT7s, beware of possible post-concert addiction.


Their Energy Makes You Fly

Out of so many performances we were lucky enough to see, GOT7 boosts one of the most high-energy performances that would have you up on your feet the entire time, crooning to their slower songs and doing fanchants to their popular titles.  The boy band proved time and time again that they’re great stage performers, where they bring the whole package – vocals, dance, stage presences – to the table.


Jackson might be publicly known as one of the up and coming variety-child, but all of GOT7 members are amazing entertainers with their own characters. Put them together in one place, complete with jokes, cheesy lines and squabbles, and you get a live sit-com action of the boys that would bound to keep you in your seats, and energy up up up!


And Special Surprises

First concert tours always boost very special performances, and every team has their own specials that they bring to the table. Throughout the years we’ve see K-Pop groups do solo performances, special covers and collaborations, and of course, we cannot miss this giant fanservice event: cross-dressing. GOT7 members have been spotted covering Red Velvet’s ‘Dumb Dumb‘ and GFriend’s ‘Me Gusta Tu‘ for their Seoul concert, and expectations are high for them to bring the same performance here in Singapore!

‘First’s Are Always Special

There is no doubt something very worth remembering about 1st Concerts – perhaps it’s that sense of pride that you have been there to witness the beginning of something new, or perhaps it’s that sense of exhilaration to see what new items your favorites could bring to the stage. Either way, GOT7’s 1st Concert ‘Fly in Singapore’ is bound to bring you an even better performance than before, so mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this chance to catch them live!

GOT7 1st Concert ‘Fly in Singapore’ will land here on the 24th of June. For more information on ticket pricing and purchase, please visit our information post here and reach out to One Production for additional queries.

Photos are provided by JYPE.

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