(x)clusive!: Rocking good time at CNBLUE’s concert


How long has it been since CNBLUE last had a full-fledged concert in Singapore? It sure felt like their fans (affectionately termed as BOICEs) missed them a lot, because those who turned up for their ‘CNBLUE COME TOGETHER’ concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was singing with the group and cheering the band on so ecstatically, it felt like they were about to tear the roof down! Jamming to a series of non-stop hits, the quartet had the crowd bobbing their head to their unique beat.

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Kicking off the first part of the concert with ‘Domino’ and ‘Hide & Seek’, the talented four-membered group launched into their debut song ‘I’m A Loner’ thereafter, much to the audience’s delight. Clearly this hit of theirs has made it into the book of fan-favourite songs. Following which, the members spouted some Chinese New Year greetings: ‘Xin Nian Kuai Le (新年快乐)’, ’‘Gong Xi Fa Cai (恭喜发财) ‘ and bassist Jungshin even added a ‘Hongbao Na Lai (红包拿来)’, drawing quite some laughter. We can’t help but note his wits for learning that one, because all the noona fans in Singapore will definitely be giving you some hongbaos for the new year.


Taking breaks in between their sets to interact with the crowd meant breaking out the Singlish for the band, who obviously wanted to feel closer to their Singaporean BOICEs. While it may have been awkward to hear these Korean idols spout Hokkien phrases, the fans were still able to have a good laugh out of it.


Most drummers are confined to the back of the stage and left in the perpetual darkness, but CNBLUE’s very own adorable drummer Minhyuk made sure he wasn’t forgotten with his constant questions of “Everyone excited?” and following up with a Singlish-tinged question “sure boh?”


Jungshin and frontman Yonghwa also joined in on some Singlish fun by starting off the next song with a Hokkien phrase “Wa Ga Lei Gong”, which means “I’m telling you”. He sang the phrase gently (which roused laughter across the venue) while playing a beautiful piano introduction to ‘Can’t Stop’. Afterwards, he ventured across all other platforms to get the crowd revved up with some random English phrases while showing off his beatboxing skills. It worked, because their energies shot up exponentially with each song they played next, from ‘LOVE’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Lady’, ‘Hero’, ‘Stay Sober’ to ‘realize’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Catch Me’, ‘Cinderella’ and also for Jonghyun’s solo song, ‘Irony’.


The closing comments (or just ‘ments’ in Korea) before their last set had each member thanking their fans sincerely in slightly broken but nonetheless sweet English. Their efforts to speak in full English were definitely much appreciated. The encore was completed with sweet, romantic songs like ‘Try Again, Smile Again’, ‘Love Light’ and ‘Hold My Hand’, a good way to end the eve of Valentine’s Day. From different renditions of their hit songs to the newest numbers from CNBLUE’s latest album, fans were treated to an incredible night of fun performances, cute fan-service and thoughtful words from their favourite band. It’s a pity that they couldn’t stay for V-day, but it was definitely a concert to remember.

Though no elaborated outfits and fanciful stage productions, CNBLUE is one group whose concert you definitely need to attend live to understand why BOICEs Can’t Stop loving them!

A big thank you to One Production for extending the event invite.







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