(x)clusive!: Seo Kangjun is Cheese in the Trap With Boyish Charms at Press Conference


Dashing actor Seo Kangjun met the media at the press conference prior to his meet-and-greet session at Suntec City Mall. The Cheese in the Trap star strode into the conference hall decked in an all-black outfit and a million-watt dimple smile, greeting the floor politely. Throughout the press conference, Seo Kangjun showed his passion and ambitions in acting, shared stories on the set of the drama and even drew laughter for his bold side. Read on to find out more!

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First commenting on Singapore, he mentioned our sunny weather and admitted his fondness for the Chili crab with fried buns combo. Since it was his first time visiting our little red dot, Seo Kangjun expressed his interest in wanting to try other things in Singapore as well and even asked the floor for any recommendations.

In regards to his popular character, Baek Inho in Cheese in the Trap, the male expressed his concerns when he first took on the role, stating that Inho’s personality is completely different from his real-life personality. However, he overcame the hardships after many discussions with his director and is now very comfortable with his role and happy with the final result.

That is not to say that he has no similarities with the rough-edged character – Seo Kangjun said that just like Inho, who has a genuine and caring side underneath the toughness, he too will wish the girl happiness if he was caught in a one-sided love. Interestingly enough, he also mentioned how playing the role of Baek Inho influences his real-life personality, such as using loud, bold language as opposed to his usual, mild and quiet self.


When asked what was a memorable scene during filming, Seo Kangjun picked the fighting scene he did with his fellow actor, Park Haejin (as reflected in the latest episode as shown in Korea). As some of the media friends nodded their head in agreement, the star couldn’t help but show his amazement, wondering how the Singapore audience managed to catch up with the latest scene, drawing laughter when he realised that it was the internet being our primary source (fans just couldn’t wait to find out what’s next, right?).

On that note, he also said that despite his 10-year age difference with Park Haejin, who played the character of Baek Inho’s friend in the drama, they were really friendly with each other on set. Thanks to his character’s loud and brusque ways of using informal speech, he managed to hit it off with his fellow co-actor easily, and commented on how they seem more like same-aged friends than a rigid senior-junior relationship.

As a rising popular actor, he mentioned that he has no preferences to the kind of roles he wants to try next. In fact, he wants to play a variety of roles. In particular, Seo Kangjun also said that his fans have suggested vampire roles due to his fair skin and clear eyes; personally, he said that as he is still young, he wishes to try a student role.

As a member of the actor-idol group, 5urprise, Seo Kangjun added that while the members do not usually comment on each other’s acting projects, they have also given a thumbs up to his role, saying ‘not bad, quite interesting!’.

Of course, the most important question of all – does the Cheese in the Trap actor enjoy cheese? The answer is yes! “Of course. Cheese and beer make a fantasy combo,” he said. For the fangirls wondering about the details, the star enjoys cheese that could be bought from the convenient store, like pizza cheese or string cheese.

Having completed the filming for Cheese in the Trap, Seo Kangjun is currently looking into new projects and have plans to visit his fans on an Asia tour in the near future. He has also just completed his Laws of the Jungle filming, so fans can also look forward to that as well.


So, what does the handsome star have to say to those who have yet to watch Cheese in the Trap, and what could one expect of the popular series? “It leaves a fluttering feeling to the viewer, making them want to find out what is going to happen next,” he said, adding that the drama too adds realism and reflects the Korean university campus life rather accurately, perhaps explaining why this is one drama that younger generations can empathize with.

With that, the press conference has drawn to a close, and the actor made preparations to meet his fans at the Meet-and-Greet session at Suntec City Mall. There, Seo Kangjun greeted roughly 500 fans on-site, and played the mandarin orange-stacking game with selected fans; lucky fans also walked away with a photo session with the star. Throughout, the actor showed his professional and friendly side, abiding warming to requests of hugs and finger hearts from fans, and certainly melting our hearts as well.

Cheese in the Trap is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) every Sunday at 10pm, so catch it when you can!

A big thank you to Starhub TV for extending the event invite.




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